Remember The Lesson Of Disney’s Davy Crockett?


Back in the 1950’s, when Disney wasn’t a pernicious purveyor of perversion, they made an excellent movie series for TV that portrayed the heroic and admirable life of an American – not a hyphenated America, not a political ideologue or demagogue, but a genuine person who said what he meant and meant what he said.

At the end of the series where they are defending the Alamo from the Mexican onslaught of General Santa Anna, Davy, his sidekick Georgie Russell, an errant Mississippi river boat gambler and a shrewd indian they’d rescued along the way all sat down to their “last supper”.

Each did a double take at a dollop of food on their plate, and then you could see the gambler scheming.  He suggested they do his pea and shell game to see who would get all the food which still wouldn’t be much.  All agreed to the proposal.  Georgie Russell went first, and the gambler shuffled the pea under his three walnut shells.  Georgie pointed to the shell he thought the pea was under, and the gambler picked up that shell, and nothing was under it, so Georgie lost.

The same scene was repeated with Davy, and he lost.  Then it came to the indian, and he pointed to the center shell.  The gambler went to turn that shell over, but the indian stopped him by grabbing his wrists before he could do that, and instead, the indian, himself, turned over the two outside shells, and lo and behold, no pea under either.  The obvious conclusion was that the pea was under the one remaining unturned shell.  Much to the chagrin of the gambler, who could not reveal the pea had been palmed by him and wasn’t under any of the shells to begin with, he and the others looked on woefully as the indian scraped clean the three plates onto his and commenced eating with a self-satisfied expression and a ravenous appetite!

They all went on to die, so it didn’t really matter much anyway.  Now, envision if you will, the gambler being a central banker, and the other three being Average American citizens.  The truth of everyone’s death is covered up by the media, and the next generation of bankers repeats the pea and shell game all over again.  When will people wake up?

– Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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