Daily Archives: March 20, 2017

Most Persecuted Person On The Planet!

  The most persecuted person on the planet is the individual.  We are all a minority of one, and when the “collective” (majority rule, government etc.) dictates, it is the gathering of many individuals to dictate to each individual.  Take a look at yourself for a moment.  Are you an individual, or just part of […]

Democracy – What Is It, And Is It Good?

  Democracy in a nutshell is the idea that everyone is equally represented – one person, one vote if you will.  This of course is not how America started out as you will find no mention of democracy in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.  Instead, America started out as a republic.  That […]

This Video Will Make You Queasy – Especially If High Places Bother You!

  This is really very hard to take.  Watch at your own risk – it’s stomach churning visuals that will disrupt your homeostasis! Not For People With Acraphobia

Is Standing Up For Your Rights Intimidating? You Bet! What’s The Alternative?

  If you stand up for your rights, you may find that there are some people who are not only not happy about that, but they might even try to intimidate you into not doing that.  That intimidation could manifest itself in ways like the above photo when you participate in street action, and the […]

The Most Evil Blood Sucking Vampire Squid – Can You Guess Who?

  The link below is thanks to the Herculean effort of James Corbett to expose corruption in  America and throughout the world.  These are the people who are the movers and shakers behind the scene, and they run your life, steal your property, devalue your currency while it’s supposedly safe in your bank account or […]

U.S. Senator Rand Paul Exposes The Corruption & Fraud Of The Senate!!!

  This link below which is 10 minutes is an absolute disgrace, and will give Americans and the world a good idea of what’s got America so screwed up. Rand Paul Exposes Hypocrisy & Corruption In U.S. Senate