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Jordan Page’s Song “Liberty”- A Touch Of Dylan But 98% Page – Enjoy!

Jordan Page “Liberty” Song – excellent!!!

Albert Pike Said To Have Controlled Islam – This 10 Minute Video Provides Some Interesting Manipulative History!

Albert Pike Ran Islam in the 1800’s

Bill Gates Pimps For Big Pharma & Vaccines – Here’s His Own Web Site!

If his eye teeth were a little longer, I’d think he might want to suck my blood!  His Microsoft Business already does that. Bill Gates’ own web site:  Bill Gates Pimps For Vaccines & Big Pharma More on Gates’ unconscionable barbaric and evil activity: Natural News – Bill Gates Wants Vaccines To Reduce The World’s […]

1981 Hollywood Movie Production That Predicts America’s & The World’s Future – 3 Minute Teaser Clip or Full Length Movie!

This is well scripted and very thought provoking: American’s Future – 3 minute clip   Or, you can watch    Full Length 1981 Video Production of American’s Future

Non-cooperation, Non-violence, Rebellion, The Benefits Explained By My Cartoonist Friend Paul Snover.

  Paul Snover has taken a public position, and put himself at risk.  The following link is a video you can listen to in about a half an hour, and it includes some valuable video clips of the movie Gandhi and speeches from Martin Luther King, numerous historical quotes along with his own views on […]

Stefan Molyneux Asks Salient Questions Of Liberals Regarding Government Spying – 3 minutes

Stefan Molyneaux Asks Tough Questions