Daily Archives: March 15, 2017

Are We Eloi or Morlocks? Watch The Movie Or Read The Book The Time Machine By Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells

  The Eloi are submissive, and the Morlocks are cannibals who eat them.  Which one do you want to be?   H.G. Wells saw the future and the weakness of human nature.  The bankers are the Morlocks, and the masses are the Eloi.  Just say “No!” to fiat currency – all currency should be gold […]

Are You Ready For War?

  The sabers are rattling, the rhetoric is escalating, the psy-ops are raging, the tactical maneuvers are increasing; there’s U.S. military training  on the borders of Russia and North Korea in high gear.  Why? Ink on paper!  That’s why!  It’s all about money.  Follow the money should be everyone’s mantra, because if you don’t, then […]

Are You Surprised?

  What happens when you put virile young men together with young women in a confined area 24/7?  You get nude photos, sexual assaults, harassment and who knows what else plaguing the military.  Now, do you think the social engineers who pushed this nonsense never thought of the possibility of this kind of activity?  Of […]