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A Picture Of World Debt Percentage By Nation.

Debt is slavery and the debt is owed to central banks/banksters, so who’s the slave master?  You’ve got three guesses, and the first two don’t count.  Note, the nations with the greatest debt wield the greatest power.  Who are they  wielding the power for, and are they wielding it for good, and if so, whose […]

5 Things Karl Marx Wanted To Abolish Besides Private Property – Hey, It’s Happening Right Now!!!

  Look around you and weep as governments everywhere along with their hired Antifa and ISIS thugs are doing exactly this stuff NOW!!! Not tomorrow – NOW!!!  Beware of masked men (women included) at public political events.  See link below: 5 Things Marx Wanted To Abolish Besides Private Property – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the […]

My Response To President Trump’s Repeated Requests For Monetary Contributions From Me….

  I would contribute a lot more than a dollar to preserve my freedom, but as long as you, Donald Trump, insist on hiring, utilizing housing and promoting “swamp” rats instead of getting rid of them, you have no credibility with me. – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if […]

Video – Is There A Better Technology Than Blockchain? See Hashgraph Video Here.

  Can you believe that someone could graduate with a computer science degree in two years?  This guy is very sharp.  For those familiar, blockchain is technically very cumbersome, and it uses massive amounts of energy.  Hashgraph puts all that to shame.  If you own Bitcoin, you may want to consider selling it, because this […]

A List Of The Advantages Of Being On The Left Side Of The Political Spectrum

  If you favor the left end of the political spectrum, then you do not have to be: Consistent, Cogent, Careful, or Clear You can say what you “feel” with no consequences, but someone from the right end of the political spectrum is not only not allowed to have feelings, but they must provide at […]

Graphic Showing Incestuous Coprorate Media Genealogy! No Wonder These 6 Corporations Can’t Get Any Truth Out – It Would Short Change Them On Their Massive Revenues & Government Control.

  See how the incestuous Fascist corporate media is organized. – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!

Kevin Spacey Joins Hollywood’s Nefarious Elite In Pursuing Illicit Sexual Pleasure With Young Boys & Epstein’s Lolita Express.

  Convicted mass child molester and pervert Jeffrey Epstein flew (see enclosed copy of passenger manifest) Hollywood’s Kevin Spacey on the Lolita Express to his sexploited private island for indulging his perverted lusts on young boys.  Hey what’s not to like?  See link below: Kevin Spacey On The Hollywood Pedophile List? – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso […]

Video – Newly Released Kennedy Assassination Official Government Documents Reveal Multiple Shooters. In Other Words, Oswald Was Not A Lone Wolf Shooter!!! – Mike Rivero Reports.

  Go to 1 hour 2 minutes and 40 seconds in link below: Kennedy Assassination – Multiple Shooters Confirmed It’s a very real possibility that Oswald was just what he says he was; a “patsy”.  In fact, he may never have touched the gun he was claimed to have shot Kennedy with, and he may […]

HR – 3999 Set To Abolish The 2nd Amendment See Bill In Link

  See the legislation in the link below: right here. – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!

3 Minute Video – Off Shore Tax Havens – Goldman Sachs Leads The Way – Surprise!

  You fool – you’re being ripped off, and you love it!  Keep on fawning over your Republican/Democrat false alternative paradigm.  See link below: Off Shore Tax Havens – Who Pays For It? – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! […]

4 Minute Video – How Is Facebook Censoring The Internet Keeping Out Any Truth They Don’t Like?

  The Social Network is a 2010 movie about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg was played by Jesse Eisenberg, and Mark was happy to be seen on stage with Jesse, so Mark must have been pleased with the movie.  The movie depicted Mark as an avaricious, back stabbing, degenerate, lying, cheating, […]

17 Minute Video – Next False Flag Government Sponsored Mass Murder To Take Place In An Amusement Park? We’ll See – Something’s Coming.

  The investigations into Hillary, corrupt elections, political murders, bribery etc. are getting too close for comfort – it’s time for a major distraction – another false flag event to take your mind off of the truth, and especially to make you feel insecure and want more of a police state “protecting” you!!!  The Las […]

12 Minute Video – Why America Is So Corrupt

  Why America Is So Corrupt – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!

41 Minute Sermon On Damnation – Worth Your Consideration.

Don’t fear him who can destroy the body, but fear Him who can cast body and soul into Hell.  Jim West is a top notch preacher.  Listen to link below: Sermon On Damnation – Worth Considering – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes […]

4 Minute Video – Fox News Tucker Carlson Questions What The Story Is With Jesus Campos Witness To Largest Mass Shooting In America’s History.

  There are too many unanswered questions that the corrupt corporate “mainstream” media won’t ask, and you should be asking.  Thanks Tucker Carlson for being a lone voice in the wilderness of government cover ups and false flag events.  Alternative media can help answer some of these questions.  See link below: Jesus Campos – Unanswered […]

8 Minute Video – 90% Stock Sell Off By MGM Management 3 Weeks Before Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Shooting Incident. Suspicious? You Bet!!! Here’s Details.

  Profit from mass murder of innocent civilians!  Say it ain’t so.  Our country would never countenance that!  Well, maybe some corrupt politicians, wealthy corporatists, military industrial complex associates and a few others might, but let’s not say that there’s a conspiracy, because only the left can accuse anyone of that – Russian collusion by […]

Video Putting Into Question The Legitimacy Of The U.S.’s Lunar Landing. You Decide. NASA Is Big Business.

Our government is replete with lies, and it is certainly not believable.  Ulterior motives, frequently well hidden, exist.  See link below: Lunar Landing Legitimate? – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!  

6 Minute Video – Hollywood Actor Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign To Expose Pedophile Rings In Hollywood Going All The Way To Studio Heads! Do You Care?

Can you imagine how revolting and horrific being sexually molested as a child is?  Corey suffered that and has lived with the associated fears and nightmares for decades.  Now, if he isn’t “suicided” by the perpetrators, he is ready to speak out and name names.  Would you like to know  who the perverts are that […]

Denver Mayor Hancock Pimps For Wall Street. How Does That Affect You In New Jersey, Or Arizona, or Tennessee etc.?

  Anyone with a brain knows that debt is slavery.  Debt has to be paid for one way or another.  Mayor Hancock has gotten passed 7 different spending bills (bond issues), and he’s selling the idea on the fact that there will be no tax increase – “It’s a bond issue” says the mayor.  So, […]

Should This Baby Have Been Aborted?

A 24 week old fetus was operated on successfully.  This is in the leftist rag known as the New York Times, and is also known as pro abortion.  They were shooting themselves in the foot by running this article.  See link below: Abort Or Not – That Is The Question? – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes […]