Denver Mayor Hancock Pimps For Wall Street. How Does That Affect You In New Jersey, Or Arizona, or Tennessee etc.?


Anyone with a brain knows that debt is slavery.  Debt has to be paid for one way or another.  Mayor Hancock has gotten passed 7 different spending bills (bond issues), and he’s selling the idea on the fact that there will be no tax increase – “It’s a bond issue” says the mayor.  So, Mayor Hancock, what’s the difference between paying taxes and paying interest?  Taxes are subject to a vote, and so are bond issues.  The difference is the interest goes to Wall Street bankers and brokers (along with broker’s commissions), and taxes go to local contractors and residents to implement the work needed for improvements and operation.  Taxes can be reduced by a vote, and interest cannot.  Taxes are controlled by people who, theoretically, care about the community.  Interest cannot be reduced, and is controlled by people far away who don’t care about the community.

Lastly, if the economy goes south (something that has happened in places like Chicago and Illinois), then you have to raise taxes to pay the interest.  So, floating a bond issue creates debt with likely future tax increases as well.  The Mayor is a shill for the bankers and Wall Street, and he’s probably getting some financial benefit (hard to trace) for his sales pitch.  He is also an obvious liar from his sales pitch.  He obviously doesn’t care about Denver’s citizens, and particularly its taxpayers.  More than likely, he’s also positioning himself for some national position.  Among other things, he’s signed on to the “Safe Cities” campaign which is just an international effort to undermine local sovereignty of cities around America.

This BLOG is for the purpose of waking people up around the world, and therefore, you may be wondering why focus on Denver?   If you don’t understand the mechanics of the scum that rules, then you won’t be able to see it in your own back yard.  Look around and see is the same scam is happening in your town.


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