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1 Minute – Denzel Washington Shreds Media – Denzel 100 / Media 0 !

  Not everyone in Hollywood is an airhead leftist – watch brief interview in link below. Denzel Washington shreds the corporate media!

Pro Choice? Pro Life? Attitude Change?

  This 30 minute video is very powerful for either side of the issue.  Click the link below and have your thoughts provoked!  Remember, democracy is two wolves and a sheep sitting at a kitchen table voting on what’s for dinner. Movie 180 – interviews pro choice people – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth […]

Transgender Boy Wins Girls State Wrestling Championship!

  How long before boys figure out how to take advantage of this, and how long before girls quit wasting their time trying to compete against boys?  See linked article below. Transgender boy wins girls state wrestling championshipPen – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then […]

Chemtrails – Destroy Agriculture!

  The New World Order elite want to eliminate 6 1/2 billion people from the face of the earth, so it won’t be overpopulated.  Just so you know, the earth has enough arable land to support 35 billion people, and 35 billion people can fit shoulder to shoulder on the island of Hong Kong, or […]

Listen to 30 seconds before it’s deleted!

  Listen to this link below – it’s a brief excerpt from a live MSNBC broadcast where the blonde gal says “That’s our job” while complaining of Donald Trump’s influence on the public thinking!  Listen closely to her comment; “That’s our job!” right at the end. MSNBC “Our Job” Is To Control What People Think […]

Hitler & Jefferson Quote On Government

Compare and see which of these two quotes most resembles the government we have today.   “National Socialism as a matter of principle, must lay claim to the right to force its principles on the whole German nation without consideration of previous federated state boundaries, and to educate in its ideas and conceptions. Just as […]

What I Learned On Vacation!

  It will be no surprise to you that on my vacation to Santa Fe and Phoenix, I learned that certain things don’t change – you can’t get away from them!  As is customary, I turned on the news.  Lo and behold, the same mindless memes were being used with the same excoriating diatribes and screeds. […]

The Logan Act – Trump’s #1 Trump Card

  Haven’t heard of the Logan Act?  200 years ago, someone with a lot of foresight and wisdom passed this law, and it could rout America of all of the traitors – particularly the billionaire scum like Soros, Rockefeller, Gates etc., and also get rid of the lesser mortals like Pelosi, McCain, Obama and others. […]

Can You Articulate Your Worldview?

  What is a worldview?  Simply put, it is how an individual personally sees the world and evaluates what is just, unjust, right, wrong, true, lie, good, bad etc.  How is this kind of understanding achieved? That question is where the rub is.  As it stands in America now, those determinations (values if you will) […]

Urgent Denver News Flash!!!

    A Park Hill Resident got neighbors to order 650 yard signs to say how much they hate hate, and that refugees are welcome in the sanctuary city of Denver.  A few things were overlooked: One, there was no mention of any of these liberal Park Hill residents taking any of these refugees into their […]

Interesting Qur’an vs. Bible Comparison

  The Bible speaks of “love”, depending upon the translation, over 300 times to as much as over 500 times.  The Qur’an never speaks of love.  Check it out. The Bible speaks for itself.  Islam speaks for the Qur’an  Check it out. The Bible’s book of John, says God is love.  The Qur’an says Allah […]

Is Amazon a Good Deal or Trojan Horse?

  Is Amazon A Good Deal Or A Trojan Horse? For a terrifying vision of the future, there are books like 1984 and Animal Farm, and movies like Enemy of the State or The Matrix, but in America, we’ve gone way beyond that.  The link above demonstrates the insidious nature of today’s technology and how it […]

What Happens When Cash Is Outlawed?

  Some Things That Can Happen If Cash Is Abolished First Lady Nancy Reagan called for a “Just say ‘No’ ” campaign against the use of illicit drugs, and it did have some beneficial effects.  Maybe when it comes to a cashless society, “No!” might be effective.  What would happen if nobody cooperated with the […]

Death By China – U.S. Economic Suicide (A Documentary Film You Need To See)

  Death By China – U.S. Economic Suicide (Documentary Film) Do you know anyone who is unemployed or underemployed?  Watch this video!

Love Trumps Hate Which Trumps Trump

           How many peas can a pea picker put in a peck puking & puckering as he picks?                                                                       […]

Time To Wake Up!

  Michael Savage Savages The Left Of America And Its Destructive Efforts – You’ll Love This! Are Americans stupid or what?  Maybe they are too busy being slaves to the government that keeps their nose to the grind stone paying taxes?  Maybe they’re too distracted with Facebook and Twitter to challenge their thinking with anything […]

Illegal Stabs Man & Eats His Liver

  Illegal Immigrant Stabs Man 89 Times & Eats His Liver 1 Hr. 31 Min on Video – Hey What’s Wrong With That? If this vile activity (see link above) is o.k. with you, then just sit back and relax, but if it’s not o.k. with you, why don’t you let the media know it, […]

Illegals Calling For Killing More Police!

This man holding the sign is making an overt threat to “kill more police” if…. If what?  If you and I, we Americans, don’t give him a free ride for the rest of his life!  Can you handle that? Why is he not being arrested?  Why do we as a nation allow people to incite […]

George Soros – CBS 60 Minutes Interview Reveals He’s A NAZI Collaborator

  George Soros Interview on CBS 60 Minutes – No Regrets Working With NAZI’s To Persecute Jews The abuse of wealth, the abuse of power, the megalomaniacal narcissism that is on display in this CBS 60 Minutes interview should send chills down your spine.  George Soros thinks he’s God, and nothing can get in his […]

Preparedness Dictionary

  This lexicon of preparedness is primarily acronyms and abbreviations, but may be helpful to communicate in the future.  Keep it on file. Survival and preparedness dictionary – Personal Liberty® Bug in = preparation to dig in at your current residence or other permanent location to “ride out” chaos or a natural disaster. Bug out […]

The War on Cash: Use this letter to contact your representatives

Originally posted on aceloewgold:
Here’s a letter you can personalize, modify, and email to your senators and congressional representatives. It identifies the nefarious global war on cash, and strongly urges them to fight against it. While it often feels futile to send messages like this to politicians who are overwhelmingly bought and paid for by…

Free Speech? Not For Those Who Disagree!

  Free Speech? Not For Those Who Disagree! Berkley Unfree Speech Movement Can you say slime?  That’s five letters, maybe four would be better.  Can you say scum?  For the erudite, you can challenge yourself with saying sleaze.  Whether it’s four, five or six letters, the message is the same.  If you don’t agree with […]

Rare Full Length Movie You’re Guaranteed To Enjoy

  IMBD Review of Brotherhood of the Bell The below link is just a short teaser with excerpts.  If you want the full length video, then go to the below Amazon link to buy it – you will not regret it. Amazon Link To Buy The Video Teaser Brotherhood of the Bell This 1970 movie, […]

20 Questions About Islam The Left Can’t Answer!

  20 questions for the left regarding Muslims The above link will shred the hypocrisy of those who say Islam is a religion of peace.  It will provide 20 questions that the left cannot and will not answer, because hypocrites have no answer for their hypocrisy – they can only get indignant and walk off […]

Six Minute Video Shows Futility of Letting into America Poor Immigrants!

  Six minute video shows the futility of letting in the poor immigrants to America If you haven’t figured it out already, the immigration policy pushed and approved by the George Soros’s of the world and other corrupt billionaire traitors to America and facilitated by their Mafia lieutenants in the Congress, is all very carefully […]

Alahu Akbar – A Canadian False Flag?

  Alahu Akbar – Another False Flag In Canada A false flag event has a political purpose.  Paint Trump on somebody’s car, and they’ll hate trump – even if his supporters obviously would have had nothing to do with it.  Paint a Swastika on a Jewish Temple, and you can blame it on “right wing […]

Trump Has Immigration Law On His Side

  Mike Rivero Will Get You Up To Speed on the Law on Immigration A sixty five year old law signed by Democrat President Harry Truman gives Trump the right and duty to do what he’s doing.  The word Muslim does not appear in Trump’s executive order.  Democrat President Jimmy Carter applied this law also. […]

The War On Cash – You Lose!

The War On Cash – You Lose! If you think the bankers in partnership with government have your best interests at heart, then you are a fool and deserve whatever you get, and more likely whatever you have taken away from you.  Of course there will be the chosen few who get to keep it […]

Where’s The Love?

In 2016, Obama dropped 100,000 bombs on the Mideast, plus who knows how many drone strikes?  The anti-war leftists, and Democrats (is there a difference?) chose to go on vacation during that year as well as the previous 7 years of war fomented by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  There used to be […]

What Makes Your Opinion Valid?

  Opinions are as rampant as drug use or inflated dollars.  We have them, and yet, what makes anyone’s opinion valid, that is, having a sound defensible basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent – the dictionary definition?  Watch debates on TV, and hear all sorts of arguments that have many, and sometimes all […]