Interesting Qur’an vs. Bible Comparison


The Bible speaks of “love”, depending upon the translation, over 300 times to as much as over 500 times.  The Qur’an never speaks of love.  Check it out.

The Bible speaks for itself.  Islam speaks for the Qur’an  Check it out.

The Bible’s book of John, says God is love.  The Qur’an says Allah is great.  Check it out.

Jesus says to love your enemy and do good unto him.  The Qur’an says to hate your enemy and kill or enslave him.  Check it out.

Jesus said He came to free the captive.  Islam calls for enslaving the free.  Check it out.

The Bible is stirring and inspiring literature.  The Qur’an is a series of diatribes, condemnations and promoting of violence, cruel and unusual punishment, hatred and discrimination (a two tiered society – Dhimmitude) against those who don’t agree with Islam.  Check it out.

Jesus says to be at peace with all men as best you can.  The Qur’an demands “submission” (the actual meaning of the word Islam) by force or acquiescence.  Check it out.

The Bible calls for obedience to God’s laws.  Islamists call for obedience to Sharia law as they interpret it, and they don’t all interpret it the same way – for example Wahhabis, Sunnis and Shiites.  Check it out. 

The Bible teaches that God’s word is the ultimate authority.  Islamists teach that their interpretation of the Qur’an is the ultimate authority.  That means those in power dictate to those who are not in power, and there is little if any right to appeal to those authorities, where the Bible has a system set up specifically to appeal to a series of authorities, all of whom must submit to the Bible.  It’s where America’s appellate court system comes from.  Check it out.

Jesus, when a woman was caught in adultery, turned away her accusers by asking that the first stone to be cast should come from someone who had not sinned.  He said that because He knew their hypocrisy.  In Islam, a thief’s hand can be cut off, a rebellious woman can have her head cut off, a husband can beat his wife within an inch of her life and so on.  Check it out.

Jesus tells His followers that you are in the world, but you are not “of” the world.  Islam from the Qur’an teaches that there is no being in the world except to deceive the world until you can strike a blow that will establish and perpetuate Sharia law and lead to a worldwide Islamic Caliphate – a totalitarian dictatorship if you will.  Check it out.

Which view sounds as if it is pursuing “peace”?

Do these distinctions make you think that Islam is a religion of peace?

Ah, we come to the definition of peace, and there are four basic ones:

1.)  The cessation of all hostilities

2.)  Silence, solitude, quietness, calmness.

3.)  Peace with God – obedience to Him.

4.)  Peace with the devil – obedience to him.

Jesus says “My yoke is light”.  Can the Islamist/Muslim say the same thing about Allah?

There is nothing wrong with calling God Allah.  There is nothing wrong with calling God Jehovah, Jealous, Powerful, Creator, Righteous, Jaweh or any number of other names He ascribes to Himself.

So, the bottom line; is Islam obedient to God/Allah, or is Islam obedient to the devil?

The answer will depend upon God’s work through the Holy Spirit in the heart of the “professor”.

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