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The Evolutionists Want It Both Ways – Design & Chance To Rule Intermittently.

Over the last weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an essay, “The Botch of the Human Body,” by biologist Nathan Lents. The article previews the argument of a forthcoming book Dr. Lents has written about the absence of design in the human body. Although his thesis seems to be a bit broader, and to involve […]

11 Minute Video – Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Tells It Like It Is – Gun Control Is Not The Issue – It’s The Culture Stupid!!!

  Gun Control Is Not The Issue!   Listen to this Governor tell it like it is. Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!

Sermon – A Good Conscience Before God

A Good Conscience

“Feelings” – Questions & Answers

  Do you feel the way I do? Do I feel the way you do? How do you express feelings? How do you validate feelings? How do you verify feelings? How do you justify feelings? How do you prioritize feelings? When do feelings take precedence over truth? When do feelings supersede truth? When do feelings […]

LORD Thank You – An Original Poem

  Lord Thank You Lord thank you for the music makers; They’re the givers not the takers. Thank you for Godly preachers; They’re the promised teachers.   Lord thank you for your word By far the best I ever heard. Thank you for your law From which my sin I saw!   Lord thank you […]

A List Of The Types Of Governments That Exist In The World

  Video On American Governemnt The following list is substantial, but not exhaustive.  Additionally, be mindful that it is impossible to separate types of government with types of economic systems – they go hand in glove.  Familiarize yourself with these terms and do not be deceived by them or their magical sound or repetitive usage […]

Are All Religions On An Equal Footing In America? Be Careful Of Theological & Doctrinal Equivocations!

  The following is a response to a Blogger: The statement “…all religions are on an equal footing…” is not a well thought out statement.  Child sacrifice is not on an equal footing, and pot smoking Rastafarians were not on an equal footing until very recently, and in general, any religion that is contrary to the […]

5 Minute Video – Los Angeles Skid Row – More Rats Than People – Bubonic Plague Coming Your Way!

  Skid Row.  And 4 Minutes More. Lost Angeles Has billionaires in Hollywood walking distance away. Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!

Sermon – In All Things; Give Thanks! What About The Bad Things? Give Thanks!

In all things give thanks!

Mental Illness – Something To Think About! 1 In 6 Americans Today Are On Some Kind Of Psychiatric Drug!!!

  A Google search of pictures of the mentally ill will include people with guns and conservative politicians (you may find a Christian or two in there as well).  What is mental illness, who defines it, and how is it diagnosed?  Is all mental illness dangerous? The “recognized” authority on mental illness would have to […]

“Ignorance Of The Law”, A Judge Will Tell You; “Is No Excuse!” Are You Ignorant?

  We’re all ignorant – it’s just in different subjects and varying degrees.  But, are there some subjects about which we should all be knowledgeable?  Yes, if you wish to preserve that which you own, you better know that you need to have proof of ownership.  If you wish to be treated justly, you better […]

40 Minute Video – Muslim “Grooming” Of White Girls – That’s Not Talking About Making Them Attractive – It’s About Making Them “Submissive”. Islam Means Submission!!!

  Islamic Grooming! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe for free – no ads!

Adult Tantrums Rule!

  What is a tantrum?  It’s an excessive show of displeasure that utilizes screaming, crying, flailing, writhing on the ground; all relentlessly and intensively with no regard for one’s own dignity or for the sensibilities of those around them, and all for the purpose of getting one’s own way.  Typically, tantrums are associated with young […]

Famous Quotes From Famous People Which Confirm A Master Conspiracy To Destroy America, Individual Liberty & Enslave The World – Doubt It? Read On!!!

  The following quotes come from United States Presidents and other notables.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Below the quotes are some previous posts – sadly some of the videos have been deleted by the thugs at You Tube.  These quotes may be searched out on the internet, if you doubt the veracity […]

Guilty Of 10 Counts Of Hate Crimes

  I hate: Murder Treason Lying Thievery Adultery Hypocrisy Coveting Political “isms” Unwarranted violence Sexual perversions The people who promote and participate in these; are not the recipient of my hate, and instead, I just avoid them as there is no being friends with them.  So, I’m guilty of 10 counts of hate crimes I […]

Why No Muslim On The Planet Should Be Believed!!!

This is a radical statement about a radical situation.  Islam is not a religion, nor a race; it is a complete life ideology (including politics) that allows no room for dissent.  If you are a Muslim, you must believe in the Koran.  If you believe in the Koran, then you believe that infidels (those who […]

Do Words Have Meaning?

  That’s a rhetorical question, and if you said “No”, then read no further.  What is etymology?  It is the study and knowledge of words and their origin and meaning. Let’s start with the word intelligence.  It is derived from two Latin words; inter which means between, and legare the verb form for the ability […]

What Is Scientific Atheism?

  Science is knowledge.  Atheist comes from the Greek a-Theos; meaning without God.  So an atheist isn’t denying God, he is without Him.  So a scientific atheist is one who has no knowledge of God – he is a materialist and an empiricist.  Instead he looks to man’s knowledge and the state as his god.  […]

Lot’s Of Video & Pictures – Will Colorado End Up With An Openly “Gay” Pervert For Governor? Time Will Tell, But He’s Got Enough Money To Run His Campaign Without A Single Contribution!

  Polis Web Site.  He’s running as you can see, and he’s openly “gay”.  Please keep in mind that he wants your guns as well so you can’t resist his dictatorship.  Previous posts about Gays: WHAT HOMOSEXUALS DO – NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR PARTICULARLY SENSITIVE! 2 NEWS REPORTS CONFIRM THAT GOVERNMENT SCHOOL CHILDREN […]

Hungarian Leader – “Only Christianity Can Save Europe.”

  “Only Christianity Can Save Europe”  That is the Hungarian leader’s assessment.  Is that unrealistic?  Will Islam save Europe?  Will the globalists save Europe?  Will Communism save Europe?  Will warm fuzzy feelings from the left save Europe?  You decide. Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he […]