Try This Scenario For America – It’s Ugly, But It’s Also Very Possible.

What we have now is a group of criminals (rebels?) occupying 7 blocks of downtown Seattle.  We have criminals (rebels?) in Virginia tearing down Confederate monuments.  We have rioters throughout America doing billions of dollars in damage to property and business enterprises including black businesses.  We have a bought and paid for corporate fake news media that is sympathetic to these rioters if not downright supportive.  We have politicians, including Republicans, who have capitulated to the “demands” of the rioters.  Our leaders are wimps/traitors and have allowed the police to be removed from the action, and even promised to defund them and fire them.

So, what do the majority of the American citizens think?  Most are dismayed but unwilling to do or say anything.  Those willing to speak out are threatened with loss of their jobs (if they’re lucky enough to have one these days), violent retaliation and public humiliation.  There are those who are laying low waiting to see what will happen.  There are those who care about America and are willing to defend it and even die for it if need be.  What will happen to those people?

In the estimate of this writer, those people will fight when push comes to shove.  They are armed to the teeth, trained in house to house combat in many instances and not afraid to stand up to the Marxist thugs that are trying to take over America.  This will lead to civil war which is just what the New World Order Establishment wants.  Once America is in disarray and grossly divided in civil war, that is an ideal time for foreign intervention.

It is not beyond the scope of possibility that when a civil war rages in America that the leftist politicians and community organizers (think Obama) will call upon the United Nations to intervene and stop the civil war.  It’s not out of the question that the Trotskyite Neocon Republicans will clamor for the U.N. as well.  The Chinese are among many nations that participate in the U.N.  They would have no qualms about invading America on behalf of the Communist agitators (operating under the guise of Antifa, BLM, BAMN, CPUSA Democratic Socialist of America etc.) to relieve them from the stress of having to fight off their fellow Americans who are not Communists.  It could get very bloody and very ugly.  Of course, the U.N. is well armed with U.S. weapons and weapons systems to quell any riot.

They would have access to all of the satellites that circumvent the globe 24/7/365 with the capability from 35 miles above the earth to read a license plate on the ground.  And of course, they would have access to use GPS to track anyone foolish enough to use a cell phone or drive their car.  They could shut down all cell phone communications, all television, all radio, all Ham radio, the internet, newspapers, magazines, publishers etc. etc.  Then what?  If nobody can communicate electronically, and nobody can hide from the constant satellite surveillance, then how will they communicate and organize?

The bankers want to go to a cashless society.  They’ll give you a digital account, and if you don’t toe the line, you’ll have your account closed at which point you can’t buy or sell.  You won’t be able to pay your mortgage – your home will be foreclosed, and you will be homeless and hungry.

And, what happens if all of the electric grid is shut down and the water pumps turned off, and the sewer system neutralized?  How will you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter?  How will you cook, if indeed you have any food to eat?  How will you stay hydrated?  What will you do if you get sick or injured?  Where will you go to the bathroom?  How will you know if your family is o.k.?  How will you protect yourself from the vagaries of criminal activity that could plague your neighborhood as hungry, thirsty, rapacious criminal elements roam among you looking to take advantage of the weak and unprepared?  Better start asking, and better yet answering some of these questions before it’s too late.

Keep in mind, during civil strife in countries that have been occupied by U.N. “peacekeepers”, the “peacekeepers” have been known to rape, pillage and murder people by the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.  There are four meanings to the word “peace”.  One is serenity and quiet.  Two is the cessation of hostilities.  Three is the elimination of any resistance to Communist rule.  Four is a reconciled relationship with the God of the Bible.  You better hope number three is never your “peace”.


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