Daily Archives: June 3, 2020

7 Minute Video – Socialism & Revolution It’s Inspired By Economic Disparity

  ANTIFAFA (Anti-Fascist Fascists) – Economically Deprived Scum Paid By George Soros Economic Disparity.  This is an old and effective tool to reach violent revolution.  Revolution is the overthrow of a culture where America’s history is from a rebellion against tyranny.  Tyranny comes from the Greek word tyranos – Godless rule.  Overthrowing a culture means […]

Take The Stupid Test

  After the list below, comes the True False Stupid Test: Democrats – Social Distancing is critical.  (Really?) Democrats – Rioting (“mostly peaceful protests”) o.k. and even good. (Social distancing?) Democrats – Free money is good. Democrats – Shutting down churches is good – keeping Planned Parenthood open is good. Democrats – Police are racist […]

Today’s Quote

A Choice – Abortion (It all started with this nearly 50 years ago) “If everyone isn’t treated equally under the law, then nobody is treated equally under the law.” “We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Abortion takes a life without a criminal charge, trial […]


Hydra – In Greek Mythology; A Ten Headed Beast – Cut Off A Head Two Grow Back Republished From January 24, 2017 Once the swamp is drained, what will it look like?  It will likely look very ugly and scary at the bottom with a lot of dead bodies and undeclared loot.  It’s concerning that […]