Daily Archives: June 13, 2020

Seattle Down The Tubes – Is Denver Next?

Colorado State Capitol Building – Never A Blemish Until George Floyd’s Death Seattle Down The Tubes Is Denver Next?  Colorado has lost at lot of common sense and solid values, but Seattle has lost touch with reality. Their governor claimed he was not aware of the rebellion and the mayor says they are just having a big block […]

Big Business Bankrolls Big Leftists!

Big Business Bankrolls Billions To Big Leftists Big Business Bankrolls Big Leftists!  Hopefully, this isn’t at the expense of higher prices for their products and services or a  decrease in their dividends for you suckers on a fixed income or waiting to claim your 401K or IRA. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! […]

Tear Down The Washington & Jefferson Monuments – NOW!

  Jefferson Memorial Tear Down Washington & Jefferson Monuments NOW!  Now if there was any doubt about Barack Obama being a Marxist, here’s his chance to prove he’s not.  All he has to do is say that he strongly opposes the idea, and he will contribute some of  his bribe money he received as President […]