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WAR – What Is It?

  War; what is it?  It is the method by which tribes and nations have historically settled their differences through physical, political, economic and/or spiritual violence.  Physical violence causes people to die, or be incapacitated through the shedding of blood and/or some sort of blunt force trauma.  War is always deception. In physical war, weapons […]

Prestigious Medical Journal the Lancet Calls “Big Pharma” A Criminal Enterprise.

  Big Pharma – Criminal SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! http://www.touchstoneconnect.com Subscribe for free – no ads! THERE ARE  25 LINKS AT THE BOTTOM […]