Daily Archives: June 5, 2020

Why Should We (Everyone Including Antifa) Fear Defunding Police?

The calls to defund police departments across America will have consequences – and they are not unintended.  It is well known in third world nations, ones as close as Mexico, that the police are corrupt, and take bribes and property at will.  In America, we have what is known as forfeiture laws.  Forfeiture laws currently […]

Only Two Ways To Deal With ANTIFA

Antifa stands for “Anti-Fascist”  For all intents and purposes, those who are members consider anyone who is Christian, conservative, Republican or in general disagrees with Antifa as a Fascist.  That of course is a rather broad brush with which to paint one’s enemies.  It is important to remember that ANTIFA, as all leftists and Communists […]

ANTIFA Planning Attacks On Rural American Farmers.

“Chepe” Commie Antifa Leader – Hates America, Pro Murder, Destruction & Chaos. Antifa Planning Attacks On Rural American Farmers.   As America slides into the abyss of totalitarian socialism and ultimately communism, it takes a lot of money, coordination and organization.  It involves some very wealthy people like George Soros along with committed street thugs such […]