Daily Archives: June 30, 2020

What Would Happen If…….?

Seattle WA Statue Of Communist Vladimir Lenin Dictator/Murderer ……if conservatives, patriots or whatever decided to tear down every statue of leftists such as Lenin, Stalin, King, F.D.R, John Brown etc.? Related Post: VIDEO DOCUMENTARY – HONG KONG; IS IT A PRECURSOR TO AMERICA’S FALL? TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below […]

2 Minute Video – What Hong Kong Does To Rioters & They Will Catch Them!

  Blue Dye Sprayed On Rioters In Hong Kong Will Easily & Conveniently I.D. People Video – Hong Kong Sprays Rioters With Indelible Blue Dye.  Hey America – wake up, this is a way to I.D. rioters and arrest them at your convenience, and there’ll be no resistance.  This should apply to Communist Antifa and […]

Video – White Couple Defends Their Home Against Black Lives Matter Hooligans.

  Reason For 2nd Amendment Right HERE.  This couple was prepared to shoot if they had to, and the protesters who were trespassing stayed back.  It should be duly noted that Mr. McCloskey is an attorney who has defended numerous black people successfully from prosecution.  That probably means he’s a liberal Democrat.  See HERE Daily […]