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A Wall That Keeps On Giving!

  Two simple things: 1.) Stop all welfare payments and freebies to illegal immigrants, and put money in America’s pocket instead of taking more out to build a wall – which may be used to keep Americans in! 2.) Decriminalize (not legalize) drugs.  What is meant by “decriminalize”?  Keep a stigma on their use, but […]

Cut Off Your Thumb!

  Chills down your spine?  Not for the spineless!  The following link exposes what the bankers and New World Order proponents have in mind for you.  India is the laboratory, but don’t think Americans will escape this hideous corruption.  Ask yourself, after watching this “Independent” media newscast, if this is the way you want to […]

10% Is Not Enough!

  In the late ’80’s, a demonstration in Washington D.C. featured an emerging political power and special interest group.  The University of Chicago surveyed 50,000 people (one of the largest surveys ever) to determine the percentage of the population this group represented – it turned out, to be between 1% and 2%. It’s hard to […]

Do You Know Who America’s & Your Enemy Is?

  The evidence is voluminous, and easy to obtain, so let’s dispense with providing proofs in this post.  Do your homework if you doubt the veracity of the following, then investigate before you castigate. Your, and America’s enemy is the worldwide central banking cartel with a monopoly on the issuance of nation’s currencies.  As the […]

Women’s March Featured Speaker Is A Murderer Who Spent 27 Years In Prison

What do you think about a woman who kidnapped an old man, sodomized, tortured, and finally murdered him?  Now, what do you think about that woman and the organization that gives her a platform to speak to the whole country about women’s issues?  This is the same organization that gave you Madonna with all of […]

Freedom + Privacy = Cash!

Done the math yet?   India and Venezuela have, and Australia and Sweden are in the process.  It’s simple – who controls your money?  If banks control your money, they can charge a “small” fee to handle it.  They can also take it away from you, and if they make a mistake on your account, it […]

To Whom Do You Trust Your Children?

Most parents are burdened with long work hours just to make ends meet; 8 – 10 hours a day five of seven days, plus some drive time.  The answer is surrogates – people who take your place when you are unavailable. What criteria do you use to evaluate or contract with them?  Government schools are […]

Priest Fired For Opposing Koranic Reading – In His Own Church!

You may not be a Christian, and you may not be a Muslim, but that doesn’t matter.  What you need to be is an intellectually honest logical thinker.  If you were a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and someone came to your meeting handing out bottles of booze, then you might find that just a little […]

Do You Know How You’re Being Enslaved?

Below is a number to which you can complain if you like.  First, know who you would be calling.  It is the Ford Foundation.  Links are included, so you can come to your own conclusions.  The Ford Foundation, from early in its inception, and very much so since the Rockefeller family got control of it, […]

Trump’s Complete Speech to DHS – No Dry Eyes After This Video

We haven’t had a “real” President in America in my lifetime.  It’s possible that I am wrong, but Donald Trump may be the first.  So far, he is setting a tone of America first, right the wrongs, stop the crime and treason and get down to business.  This speech is short, succinct, and shows what […]

Tell Lie Vision

More commonly referred to as TV, is a medium and method of communication co opted by evil people who seek to gain control for their own financial and social benefit. The 2016 election exposed this medium’s corruption resulting in a backlash, of competition which is hated by those who seek control.  John D. Rockefeller, an […]

Bill O’Reilly of FOX News exposes George Soros – 4 minutes

Bill O’Reilly – George Soros is funding the US Protests TO Get Donald Trump OUT OF OFFICE!! SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think! Subscribe […]

Vaccines – What Do You Know?

Here’s a link 15 minutes will bring you up to speed on vaccines & their ingredients  This 15-minute tutorial tells you the ingredients, the side effects and the government vaccines mandated and frequency of applications required Autism is thought by many to be the fruit of this kind of activity.  You will have to thoughtfully […]

The New Sport of Hurling

Don’t get hurling confused with the Olympic sport of curling.  Hurling was on display with Madonna at the Women’s March when she started hurling “F” bombs and invectives.  Hurling has no real formal format or rules – it’s anarchistic, and of course anarchists have no rules.  Yeah, and if you believe that, there’s beach front […]

Women’s March Not As Organic as you Might Think

George Soros may have been main fundraiser behind Women’s March

Draining the Swamp – The Teeth of the Hydra Are Upon You

Once the swamp is drained, what will it look like?  It will likely look very ugly and scary at the bottom with a lot of dead bodies and undeclared loot.  It’s concerning that Americans may not be able to stomach it, but worse yet, people with power and influence will do whatever it takes to […]

Republicans will self-destruct in two years – from a CIA guy

Robert Steele – Ex-CIA with a very interesting view – Republicans will self-destruct in two years!

Organ donors must be alive for their organs to be any good! Any room for skullduggery?

My daughter died from a car crash.  They kept her alive long enough for me to arrive at the hospital and secure a signed release form for organ donations – worth possibly as much as a couple of million dollars.  Listen to this devastated parent tell their story. Organ donors must be alive for their […]

Is it a Movement?

The election is over, but not the protests.  As the protesters gather momentum, they are calling for a “movement”.  Indeed, it is a movement – a bowel movement with unpleasant side effects – use your imagination as to how that applies. For anyone familiar with the ignorance that permeates the mindless “Movement” mavens, this is […]

The God Fraud

You’re approaching an intersection, any intersection, and you see a person standing there with a cardboard sign.  It says something like; “Have 17 children, wife two dogs, three cats and no job, anything will help.  God bless.” What “God” are they talking about?  David, in Psalm 37:25 said that he had “never seen the righteous […]

A Factual Analysis of the Obama Legacy

Stefan Molyneux Analyzes Obama’s Legacy – With FACTS!

Corruption investigator found dead – left handed man commits suicide with his right hand

NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon found dead in suspicious incident

The Great Exodus

This is the story of a great exodus; no, not the Biblical Exodus, but an exodus threat motivated by dissatisfaction of the way things turn out.  Yes, there are those who swore on an Oscar that they would leave America and go to Canada if Donald Trump was elected.  Well, that is now a fait […]

What’s the Price of Freedom?

Price has the connotation of dollars and cents, but it’s much more than that.  Blood is the price of freedom often enough, and there is another price that is even more demanding.  When we sacrifice our blood, it is generally a one time and brief event. On the other hand, the saying that “The price […]

Forty-five & Still Alive

Yes, folks it’s true!  Donald Trump is the forty-fifth President of the United States.  He didn’t get assassinated as so many feared, and Hillary didn’t steal the election from him as so many feared, and the Neocon “Republicans” didn’t supplant him with a Constitutional maneuver that put Mike Pence in his place, and Obama didn’t […]

A Friend Told Me What Would Happen

In 1980 there was an economic collapse; I earned commission from sales which caused my sales and income to decline 35%.  Inflation was 2% per month, and so all totaled, I was  55% behind.  Mortgage rates skyrocketed to 15%, making  impossible selling a house.  I was building a semi-custom home through a tract builder.  My […]

Velocity – It Affects You Daily

My father once spoke to a Jewish neighbor of ours, and he asked why Jews so preponderantly voted Democrat.  The man had a one word answer – “velocity!”.  For those who don’t know, velocity is an economist’s term for the speed at which money moves through an economic system.  Now, velocity in and of itself […]

Get Even or Get Shafted

Do you have as much wealth and purchasing power today as you did ten years ago, or are you poorer today than you were ten years ago?  It’s likely you are poorer, and yet, you may not realize why, and even more importantly, what can you do about it?  Knowledge, they say, is power. If […]

Our Shadow Government – Who Rules America? Full length documentary – bring pop corn

SHADOW GOVERNMENT Who Rules America?Our Shadow Government – Who Rules America? Full Length Documentary Bonus Documentary HERE by Aaron Russo – America From Freedom To Fascism   SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if […]


The modern “running out of gas”.