Draining the Swamp – The Teeth of the Hydra Are Upon You

Once the swamp is drained, what will it look like?  It will likely look very ugly and scary at the bottom with a lot of dead bodies and undeclared loot.  It’s concerning that Americans may not be able to stomach it, but worse yet, people with power and influence will do whatever it takes to keep the drain plugged.

All the multitudinous petty conspiracies and efforts to enhance one’s position will have to be uncovered, and these people (politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, tax exempt foundations, NGO’s etc.) will fight back with everything they have.  President Trump will have to take a meat axe to government corruption and regulations in order to make a dent in all of this morass.

It’s important for both liberals and conservatives to understand that the purpose of regulatory agencies is to punish some and reward others.  The method to accomplish this is bribery of the politicians and regulators.  Corrupt businessmen want to eliminate competitors, by going to the regulator for special dispensation meaning bureaucrats and politicians turn a blind eye to their transgressions, while the same bureaucrats enforce laws, to the max, on their more efficient competitors with fines, inspections and harassment that runs them out of business.

Remember, the swamp is full of scum, and scum floats on the top blocking light from above and causing growth of all sorts of vile stuff below.  That scum is exhibited in the corporate media, Congress, The White House, 50 state houses and governorships, city councils, mayors, county commissioners, and it requires a non-transparent government.  It’s the American people who must change.  It’s time!  Repent now!

– Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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