Daily Archives: January 26, 2017

To Whom Do You Trust Your Children?

Most parents are burdened with long work hours just to make ends meet; 8 – 10 hours a day five of seven days, plus some drive time.  The answer is surrogates – people who take your place when you are unavailable. What criteria do you use to evaluate or contract with them?  Government schools are […]

Priest Fired For Opposing Koranic Reading – In His Own Church!

You may not be a Christian, and you may not be a Muslim, but that doesn’t matter.  What you need to be is an intellectually honest logical thinker.  If you were a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and someone came to your meeting handing out bottles of booze, then you might find that just a little […]

Do You Know How You’re Being Enslaved?

Below is a number to which you can complain if you like.  First, know who you would be calling.  It is the Ford Foundation.  Links are included, so you can come to your own conclusions.  The Ford Foundation, from early in its inception, and very much so since the Rockefeller family got control of it, […]

Trump’s Complete Speech to DHS – No Dry Eyes After This Video

We haven’t had a “real” President in America in my lifetime.  It’s possible that I am wrong, but Donald Trump may be the first.  So far, he is setting a tone of America first, right the wrongs, stop the crime and treason and get down to business.  This speech is short, succinct, and shows what […]

Tell Lie Vision

More commonly referred to as TV, is a medium and method of communication co opted by evil people who seek to gain control for their own financial and social benefit. The 2016 election exposed this medium’s corruption resulting in a backlash, of competition which is hated by those who seek control.  John D. Rockefeller, an […]