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Vaccines – What Do You Know?

Here’s a link 15 minutes will bring you up to speed on vaccines & their ingredients  This 15-minute tutorial tells you the ingredients, the side effects and the government vaccines mandated and frequency of applications required Autism is thought by many to be the fruit of this kind of activity.  You will have to thoughtfully […]

The New Sport of Hurling

Don’t get hurling confused with the Olympic sport of curling.  Hurling was on display with Madonna at the Women’s March when she started hurling “F” bombs and invectives.  Hurling has no real formal format or rules – it’s anarchistic, and of course anarchists have no rules.  Yeah, and if you believe that, there’s beach front […]

Women’s March Not As Organic as you Might Think

George Soros may have been main fundraiser behind Women’s March

Draining the Swamp – The Teeth of the Hydra Are Upon You

Once the swamp is drained, what will it look like?  It will likely look very ugly and scary at the bottom with a lot of dead bodies and undeclared loot.  It’s concerning that Americans may not be able to stomach it, but worse yet, people with power and influence will do whatever it takes to […]

Republicans will self-destruct in two years – from a CIA guy

Robert Steele – Ex-CIA with a very interesting view – Republicans will self-destruct in two years!

Organ donors must be alive for their organs to be any good! Any room for skullduggery?

My daughter died from a car crash.  They kept her alive long enough for me to arrive at the hospital and secure a signed release form for organ donations – worth possibly as much as a couple of million dollars.  Listen to this devastated parent tell their story. Organ donors must be alive for their […]

Is it a Movement?

The election is over, but not the protests.  As the protesters gather momentum, they are calling for a “movement”.  Indeed, it is a movement – a bowel movement with unpleasant side effects – use your imagination as to how that applies. For anyone familiar with the ignorance that permeates the mindless “Movement” mavens, this is […]

The God Fraud

You’re approaching an intersection, any intersection, and you see a person standing there with a cardboard sign.  It says something like; “Have 17 children, wife two dogs, three cats and no job, anything will help.  God bless.” What “God” are they talking about?  David, in Psalm 37:25 said that he had “never seen the righteous […]