Vaccines – What Do You Know?

Here’s a link 15 minutes will bring you up to speed on vaccines & their ingredients  This 15-minute tutorial tells you the ingredients, the side effects and the government vaccines mandated and frequency of applications required

Autism is thought by many to be the fruit of this kind of activity.  You will have to thoughtfully consider the veracity of something like this having an effect on you, and on children.  I personally had a negative reaction to a shingles vaccine three years ago, and I don’t believe I have recovered fully.

Americans are guinea pigs for the Rockefeller established medical system which has had profound impact, both good and bad, over the last century.  Two things are certain; medicine is a big dollar profit center, and the Federal government has insinuated deeply into the medical care of America through regulations and subsidizations.  Therefore, there is a vested interest on the part of both parties to keep the gravy train going.

How much gravy you can take remains to be seen, but you could drown on it.  Here’s a CDC whistleblower telling the concealed story Dr. William Thompson CDC Whistle Blower  Here’s a challenge for you.  Watch the evening national news.  Surf all three major networks, and you will see night after night a plethora of pharmaceutical ads.  They number well over half of all of the ads you will see, and they are promoting citizens to demand their product.  They list all of the potential side effects.

Now, ask yourself; “Will the corporate news media tell you the truth about defective and dangerous pharmaceutical products?”  Would you expose your boss to any accusations of fraud and deception or dangerous behavior?  Maybe and maybe not; because you’re talking about your paycheck!  Who has the courage?

– Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!


  1. Vaccines have been linked to autism in at least 3 countries. Repeatable results are a mainstay of science.
    But the single-minded focus on one problem scares me–other effects are even more serious. Web-search Dr. Andrew Mouldren to find his videos on what a PhD neurologist found out when he added MD and began giving vaccines! Micro strokes. Brain damage in babies that looks like shaken-baby syndrome and jails the innocent parents. Sometimes the babies recover.


    1. Stay in the battle


    2. I suspect we’re in full agreement on the vileness of the pharmaceutical companies being in bed with the FDA to foist their poisons on us. It is very much a political/money issue. As the movie character said, “follow the money”. Government regulators are there to stop competition and take a brokerage fee for turning a blind eye. Yes, there are occasionally honest and sincere regulators, but they never make it to the top of the system.


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