ANTIFA Leader Admits He’s A Communist & That He Hates America & Wants To Destroy It – He Also Wants To “Kill & Burn” Rich People & Abolish Private Property

Joseph Alcott AKA Jose Martin and Chepe - ANTIFA Slug

America; You’re Dead!!!   If this guy has his way, as is the case in all Communist countries, he will live in the lap of luxury at your expense, and he will shoot you if you complain.  He will tell your where to live, what you can hold and use, if you will have money or a job and so on – HEY IT’S COMMUNISM!  He’s just another thieving, hypocritical, slug from the underworld of corrupt politics and crime on the streets.  We, in America, are not far from being a Communist nation.  A sudden political move – a sudden economic demise – a sudden step in the wrong direction, and we as a nation will have crossed the Rubicon and the point of no return.  Is that what YOU want?  It’s certainly what this guy and his wealthy supporter, George Soros, wants.

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