The Issue Is NOT The Issue!!! The Issue Is Always…..


Debating The Agenda Of Liars, Thieves & Hypocrites Is A Waste Of Time

……the revolution!  Yes, all of this nonsense about Covid 19 and Black (Bolshevik) Lives Matter (BLM Web Site) is a ruse to distract from the true and ultimate objective which is to overthrow the U.S. government and turn us into a Communist nation just as it happened in Russia, Angola, China, Viet Nam etc.  As you will notice, once the issue seems to be addressed, it will change.  Ask yourself why there’s more white people in the BLM protests than black people – they have one thing in common – they’re Marxists.  It’s a pea and shell game and you’re the sucker!  And when America becomes a Communist nation, the world will fall into place very quickly.  There will be no more Constitution to protect your freedom of speech under the rule of law, nor your freedom to defend yourself or own your own home, or travel as your wish.  There will be no privacy, forced vaccinations, and re-education prison camps for the non-compliant – that or a bullet in the head.  IT WILL BE MISERABLE – GUARANTEED!

Now the useful idiots that are helping this along will be disposed of  like toilet paper after its use.  They are too ignorant or stupid about history to realize this, so if you know any useful idiots, you may want to caution them.  The masses who are promoting this nonsense will be very unhappy when it comes to pass.  The extremely wealthy, and a few of their lackeys will do o.k., but the rest of America will suffer a brutal, murderous, merciless, and tyrannical regime that will stomp on anyone who raises their head up to speak the truth or resist the evil that will follow.  If you ever thought that the haves and have nots were too extreme in America, you have not taken a close look at other Communist nations.  There’ll be the state store where government bureaucrats can find whatever they want, and the remaining 98% will have to forage for whatever they can find whenever they can find it.  Illegal black markets will rule.

From a Twitter post:

“If I say ‘all lives matter,’ I’m a racist. If I stand for my flag, I have to apologize for it. I’m not allowed to go to church, but I can burn churches to the ground. I’m not allowed to open my own business, but I can go loot and destroy other people’s businesses. If I wear a badge, have a gun, and I’m dressed in blue, I’m a racist pig, but if I walk around destroying my city with bricks and masks, I’m considered a ‘peaceful protestor.’ I’m not allowed to peacefully protest the lockdown at my capitol, but I can go destroy and graffiti my capitol. I’m not allowed to go to the park to play tee-ball with my family, but I can destroy the park. I’m not allowed to protect our historical monuments and history, but I can tear them down and have them land on top of people. I’m not allowed to have an opinion on racial matters because I’m white, but if I don’t have an opinion on it, I’m the reason why people are oppressed. I can go riot in the streets with the BLM, but if I go to a Trump rally, Covid-19 magically appears. Does anyone see the hypocrisy in all of this?”

Food for thought:

One Newsweek headline read “‘No Evidence’ Black Lives Matter Protests Caused Covid-19 Spike: Study.” Another headline from Newsweek stated, “Oklahoma Reports Highest Ever Daily Covid-19 Cases After Trump Rally.”  From a Biblical perspective, the Trumpsters must be unclean and the BLMer’s must be clean?


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  1. It ain’t rocket science, but there’s a lot of people who still haven’t figured it out.


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