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2 Minute Video – Iylanya Interviews 5 Men Who Have 87 Children With 50 Women – Hey Ain’t The Welfare State Good For Population Growth!?

2 Minute Video – 5 Men Father 87 Children With 50 Women!  The most significant racist family destroying act in America’s government was the welfare state requirements that for each baby born a fee would be paid, but the qualification was that the father could not live in the home. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below […]

Sweden & The Coronavirus – America’s Behind Big Time.

  Sweden & Coronavirus!  America’s run by medical idiots and tyrants.  If there is a second wave of Covid, the Swedish approach will have been right all along Not going into lockdown was described as “a mad experiment” at the time, but Sweden can look to the winter with less trepidation than most Christopher Snowdon 11 […]