Daily Archives: July 30, 2020

Watch The Censored Video Of The Frontline Doctors Who Support Hydroxychloroquine & Kids Going Back To School.

Frontline Doctors Organize – Speak Out In Favor Of Hydroxychlorquine & Schools Frontline Doctors.  You Tube took this down almost immediately.  Google won’t let you pull it up.  Thank you Mike Adams for preserving this.  (It should be duly noted that the Dr. pictured at the mic has been fired from her job for this.)  […]

The Monopoly Shake Out.

  Here are the monopolists: Bill Gates – Gates Foundation Medicine/Vaccines Mark Zuckerberg  –  Facebook Social Media & Social Intercourse Larry Page  –  Alphabet/Google Information Jeff Bezos  –  Amazon retail sales  Washington Post media propaganda George Soros  –  Open Society Foundation Politics David M. Solomon  –  Goldman Sachs banking investments money   Tim Cook  –  Apple […]