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6 Stern Warnings Jesus Gave The Church Which Have Been Duly Ignored Or Subverted As The Case May Be.

One Small Church Took A Lot Of Heat For This Sign – It’s Not Politically Correct! Is it any wonder the church is so impotent today?  Thank you to Jason Charles for his article from Wake the Church. By Jason Charles | Wake the Church | July 8, 2020 The pure red letters of Christ when reading […]

8 Minute Video – Joe Biden Shouldn’t Debate Trump – He Should Continue Hiding Out In His Basement!

Tucker Carlson Exposes Biden, Leftists Behind Him & Just How Corrupt Things Are If you think that Donald Trump is the answer, then you better pray hard, campaign hard and vote faithfully.  Biden has the bankers behind him, the intelligence agencies behind him, the Washington bureaucracy behind him, Antifa and Black Lives Matter behind him, […]