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This Pearl Is Valued At $100 Million, But Does Not Compare To Jesus Christ. The word light has two meanings.  One is regarding the weight of something.  A 5 lb. weight is light compared to a 50 lb. weight.  The burden of guilt is heavy, and the forgiveness of Christ for one’s sins makes that […]

Left Wing Fact Check Says It’s True – Government Pays $39,000 When Hospitals Put Someone On A Ventilator For Covid 19

Ventilator Bounty For Hospitals.  If Fact Check says it’s true, and they do their best to protect government from embarrassment and exposure, then it’s likely true.  And, if true, then hospitals have quite an incentive to put people on a ventilator and to diagnose people with Covid 19.  It is notable that the survival rate […]

Video – Isolation Quarantine Enforcement Officer? What A Surprise?

  Isolation Quarantine Enforcement Officer.  Fraudulent epidemics must be carefully monitored and controlled.  MAKE AMERICANS FREE AGAIN!  HERE is the Federal law on isolation and quarantine. Related Posts: BILL GATES TO VACCINATE EVERYONE MEET BILL GATES – HE’S OUT TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE & TO ENSLAVE YOU TO HIS WAY! SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become […]

Covid 19 Positive Tests Results On People Who Were Never Tested – Florida Governor DeSantis Has Called For An Investigation

Florida’s Spike In Positive Covid 19 Test Results Appear To Be Fraudulent – Why? Covid 19 Positive Test Results On People Never Tested. Food for thought: One Newsweek headline read “‘No Evidence’ Black Lives Matter Protests Caused Covid-19 Spike: Study.” Another headline from Newsweek stated, “Oklahoma Reports Highest Ever Daily Covid-19 Cases After Trump Rally.”  […]