The American Way Of Life Is About To Take A Very Big Hit – Are You Ready?

Money Backed By Nothing & Unlimited In Supply

Over half the currently printed $100 bills reside outside the United States. The “Petro-Dollar” is about to tank. What is the “Petro-Dollar”? It is an agreement made after WW II when Saudi Arabia – the number one oil producer in the world – agreed to take only dollars in payment for their oil. In exchange, the U.S. agreed to provide military protection to the Saudi’s. This agreement forced nations around the world to buy dollars so they could then buy oil from the Saudi’s. The Saudi’s bought American debt in the form of Treasury Bills/Bonds, and we, the American taxpayer paid the price in taxes and inflation for decades. With the abandonment of Afghanistan, the U.S. has revealed its weakness and its unreliability. Now, Russia is demanding Rubles, gold or Bitcoin for their oil. India is cutting a deal with Russia to pay them in Rupees. China is trading with Russia in Yuan. Russia just shut down a major pipeline to Germany until they pay up what Russia wants.

Keep in mind, that American interests (read here the Federal Reserve and U.S. government officials) murdered Moammar Khadaffy and Saddam Hussein for even suggesting that they wanted to take something other than dollars for their oil. But now, the tide has turned, and America is in deep trouble. Once the demand for dollars declines, you will see all of the above mentioned $100 bills repatriated to America, and if you think the current inflation is anything to be concerned about, just wait until then.

When the price of a loaf of bread goes from $50 to $60 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the same day, you will rue the day that you ever let the central bankers get control of U.S. currency which is defined in the Constitution as gold and silver, and gold and silver are the only real money. Your leaders, starting with President Woodrow Wilson and the sitting Congress of the day, have betrayed America, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

What can you do about all of this? First, you can stay out of debt. Secondly, you can stock up on important staples such as food, water and other things that will protect you when the currency (fake money the government sold you on) fails, and rest assured it will. Every paper currency in the history of the world has ultimately gone to 0! And lastly, get prepared to have a much lower standard of living.

It Says $100 Trillion Dollars, But Now, It Won’t Even Buy A Candy Bar!

A brief history lesson HERE.


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  1. Just say, “NO!” to a foreigner owned fiat currency basedd on fractional lending.


  2. Oh that everyone would say “NO!”


  3. chrisirish67 · · Reply

    where are the revolts? wtf are american sheeple so dull witted?


    1. htliii · · Reply

      The Rothschild bank, J.P.organ and John D. Rockefeller combined to form a propaganda network of all major newspaper editotorial boards, with their documented objective to be ‘To create public debate and thus control the minds of the American people.” They have been very successful at it. Wokeism, Common Core and Ebonics are just three exercises designed to instill organic stupidity.


  4. Read the Declaration of Independence. It speaks of the tolerance for a long train of abuses before men will rise up. Where that line is drawn is hard to say for sure, but I don’t believe we are far from it at this point. That’s why they need a lot of illegal immigrants who think America is wonderful because they are paying for them to be here and have a much better life than the one from which they came. They will not see the need for a revolt and they can be quickly conscripted into a military force designed to put down a revolt. In America’s history, we actually had a rebellion and not a revolt (basis for revolution) because we only wanted to throw off the chains of slave masters; we didn’t want to alter the culture which at the time was Christian, Biblical, conservative and with individual responsibility and small inexpensive government – all cornerstones of a once great nation – the most productive and prosperous in all of history. You can’t have freedom and prosperity without a strong middle-class, and our middle-class has been substantially eroded. Over half of Americans today are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot drum up $400 in cash without borrowing it! Very scary.


    1. chrisirish67 · · Reply

      blaming “illegal immigrants’. is ignoring the actual problems. its the criminal govt . brooming the district of criminals is a necessity. but of course being conditioned by distractions as you are ,you cannot see tat


  5. If anyone is myopic, as you point at me, you have three fingers pointing back at you. The District of Criminals work for the establishment who are the real criminals behind the scenes, and the D.C.ers are just tools that can be voted out of office, but over time, nothing changes because they are all bought and paid for. If we were to take the most egregious of the lot and flay them alive on live prime time TV, then hopefully, D.C.ers, we might get will be some people with integrity to hold office. My point was that illegal immigrants are not to blame, but they may well be used as tools against us. The blame falls first and foremost on Americans who are ignorant, immoral/amoral, comfortable and unmotivated by either principle or need. Study a little “real” history, and you will find my assessment accurate.


    1. chrisirish67 · · Reply

      i am fully aware of this. as for myopic,poor thing, you cite “voting”,thats a laugh, you are conditioned to believe the voting scam works,yet the hamster wheel keeps on turning with the same old same old backdoor establishment. the only solution is a real revolution that takes the criminals out completely and the bankers and redo the entire govt . refer to the real reasons that germany expelled the criminals prior to ww2. also how iceland imprisoned the bankers and rewrote their constitution to remove the criminal elements a few years ago. your eyes are wide shut due to conditioning.


  6. Voting is a fraud, and it appears you are incapable of reading what I say. I definitely like what Iceland did. All wars are banker’s wars and bankers are at the root of all of our problems. They need allies, and their allies amount to the C.O.B.’s of multi-national corporations, billionaires, “key” politicians and lots of useful idiots which may include the illegal immigrants. Are we clear now?


    1. chrisirish67 · · Reply

      ok i disagree that the immigrants are “useful idiots”. once they get here and see the BS. they will not comply.


  7. We are in agreement


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