Daily Archives: April 7, 2022

Is Putin A White Or Black Hat – Or Maybe Grey?

Nobody at this point is disputing the criminality and vacuousness of Joe Biden. But what about Vladimir Putin? Everyone in media and government is saying he’s the worst thing since stale sliced bread. This writer finds Putin along with Trump to be quite enigmatic and unpredictable. Putin is known for supporting Christian freedom – something […]

Tucker Carlson – Biden On The Ropes With….Drum Roll Please…..Democrats!

Biden on the ropes with Democrats HERE. You have to ask yourself, if Biden got more votes than any other Presidential candidate in history, and the Democrats supported him implicitly and completely, then how is it they are treating him this way? Worse yet, with whom will they replace this criminal thug? Watch for some […]

1 Hour Video Of Hundreds Suffering From COVID 19 Vaccine Injection. Are You Next? Do You Resent Those Who Have Chosen Not To Get It?

1 Hour Video – dead, dying & injured HERE. You may wonder why not everyone has an immediate or quick reaction. It has been determined by independent studies (not from Big Pharma) that each batch is numbered, and that different batches have different ingredients and proportions making some deadly, and some debilitating, and some long […]


Have you got a “Smart phone”? Then you must be smart! Have you got a “Smart meter”? Then you must be smart! Have you got a “Smart home”? Then you must be smart! Have you got a “Smart Health Card”? Then you must be smart! No, the “SMART” people are the ones who have duped […]