Daily Archives: July 27, 2020

A Possible Alternative Reason Why Trump Cancelled The Jacksonville Fla. Convention.

  Keep in mind that public, as well as private buildings have HVAC systems on the roof almost exclusively, and it would be very easy for a drone to get up there unnoticed and dump a powder in front of the air intake which circulates through the entire building. Cancelled Convention – Reason? SCROLL DOWN […]

Video – America Going Down In 4 Months? We’ll See & Let’s Hope Not.

Yugoslavian Woman Has Been There Done That.  America Going Down In 4 Months.  The solution of going out into the streets is not a good solution.  Street action is not effective – ask the Venezuelans who went into the street with 1 million people.  Instead, this writer recommends becoming informed, informing others, and holding officials […]