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The Cycle Of Liberty – Let This Sink In!

From Bondage to Moral Certitude; from Moral Certitude to Great Courage; from Great Courage to Liberty; from Liberty to Abundance; from Abundance to Selfishness; from Selfishness to Complacency; from Complacency to Apathy; from Apathy to Dependency;   Here’s where America Is from Dependency to Bondage.  This is just around the corner. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below […]

Chicago Mayor Lori “Light In The Head & The Loafers” Said; “Trump Won’t Terrorize Chicago.” Just “Our” Gangs Will Terrorize Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Lori “Light On Principles & Intellect” Lightfoot Pimps “Gay” Agenda Lori Light In The Head Lightfoot.  She will allow criminals to terrorize Chicago, but she won’t allow Trump to do so?  Of course, she’s presuming that’s what Trump wants to do.  There’s absolutely no doubt that’s what Antifa and Black Lives Matter wants […]

Video – 25 Seconds – Afro-indigenous Non-binary Calls For “The Abolition Of America” – Communism Anybody?

  Lilith Sinclair Self Described As Afro-Indigenous Non-Binary.  Maybe Even Commie? Abolish America.  Same video from You Tube HERE.  This ?whatever? it is, Lilith Sinclair, has to be a Communist slug who cares nothing for individual liberty and/or especially Christians and the God of the Bible.  Americans have been asleep at the wheel for a […]