Daily Archives: December 15, 2018

Bipartisan Red Flag Laws May Go Federal! If So, It’s Well Down The Slippery Slope To Constitutional Government & Freedom Oblivion!

  Federal Red Flag Laws.  See related posts (ammunition you can use and pass on to others).  Republican turncoats are aiding and abetting the Communist takeover of America! Indiana Solicitor General Can Take “All” Your Property If You Go 1 Mile An Hour Over The Speed Limit. Apparently, The 8th Amendment Of The Constitution Is […]

5 Minute Video – Exposed! The Governments Don’t Want The Truth About The “Climate Change” Hoax!!!

  Uncontrolled Press Denied Credentialed Access To Climate Conference.  Hey, why not?  Thugs don’t have to answer to anyone except bigger thugs.  Free speech – you’ve got to be kidding – it’s only officially approved speech that is allowable.  Related Posts: 43 Minute Video From The Founder Of The Weather Channel – There Is No […]