Bipartisan Red Flag Laws May Go Federal! If So, It’s Well Down The Slippery Slope To Constitutional Government & Freedom Oblivion!


Federal Red Flag Laws.  See related posts (ammunition you can use and pass on to others).  Republican turncoats are aiding and abetting the Communist takeover of America!

Indiana Solicitor General Can Take “All” Your Property If You Go 1 Mile An Hour Over The Speed Limit. Apparently, The 8th Amendment Of The Constitution Is No Limit On Him!

What Does Gun Control Do? In London It Gets You Killed By A Machette – See London’s Violent Crime Statistics Below.

Why Are People So Crime Free In Switzerland & Not In New York City? Shoot A Hole In Gun Control!!!


94% Of Time, Armed Citizens Thwart “Active Shooter” Incidents! Guns Save Lives!!!


6 Minute Video – Uh Oh! A Black Man Who Believes In The 2nd Amendment? This Is Really Scary – He Needs To Get Back In Line With Leftist Ideology!!!

Who Benefits From Jewish Synagogue Shooting In Pittsburgh PA? Pay Particular Attention To Questions Highlighted In Purple.

Deerfield Illinois Mayor Says Outlawing “Assault Weapons” Will “increase the public’s sense of safety”! Did You Get That? “Sense” Of Safety! It Doesn’t Make The Public Any Safer & It Doesn’t Make Sense!

Here’s A Novel Thought – Instead Of Gun Control, How About…….

The US Department of Education Reported 235 School Shootings in 2015-2016, But the Real Number Was 29

“Turn Over Your Guns” Says South African Court – How Else Can We Rob You Of Your Property & Lives? No Chance For White People To Survive Except To Fight!

Video No Longer Available – Oh, are you surprised?

Video Asks How Is It That An Overt Communist Became The Head Of The CIA? Equally Important, How Is It That America Is Not Overtly A Communist Nation By Now?

A Hockey Stick Is Not As Effective As A Gun & In England, There Is No 2nd Amendment, So This Guy Had No Choice & He’s Being Persecuted For Defending Himself!

American Medical Association (AMA) Is A Fascist Organization Pushing A Leftist Agenda.

2nd of 3 Following Video Links – No longer available.  Can U Say Censorship????

What Happens When It’s The Criminals Who Run The Government?

New Jersey Governor Signs 6 New UnConstitutional Gun Laws.

The Arsonist Is In Your Neighborhood – What Will You Do?

Who Was Niccolo Machiavelli? He Affected Your Life – Like It Or Not.

3 Minute Video – Black Student Escapes The “Plantation”! You’ve Got To Hear This, Because It Won’t Be On The Corporate Fake News Media!

Timeline Showing Deep State’s Treason At The Highest Level Of Government!

2nd Video on below link is deleted!  No surprises here – right?

Unanswered Questions On The Santa Fe Texas School Shooting. No Surprise There, Sandy Hook & The Florida Shootings Still Have Unanswered Questions. Can You Say False Flag?

17 Minute Video – The Left Is Not Tolerant; They Are Murderous Tyrants & Hypocrites Without Conscience, Integrity Or Character & Who Will Lie Cheat & Steal – They Are The New American NAZI Brown Shirts! Their Front Group Is The Democratic Party!

4 Minute Video – Here’s My Kinda Gal – She’s Hot With A Touch Of Hubris & Knows How To Carry Herself!

11 Minute Video – Ben Shapiro & Tucker Carlson Shred David Hogg’s Hypocrisy On Gun Control & Adults Who Are Elevating Him To Something Meaningful!

11 Minute Video – Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Tells It Like It Is – Gun Control Is Not The Issue – It’s The Culture Stupid!!!

Lies & Statistics – See Both In This Post & From Official Sources No Less!

Famous Quotes From Famous People Which Confirm A Master Conspiracy To Destroy America, Individual Liberty & Enslave The World – Doubt It? Read On!!!

Why All Of The Attention To Mental Health, While No Attention To The Devastating Psychotropic Drugs Driving The Problem?

Leading Causes Of Death – Shootings Very Low On The List – These Statistics Coming From The Leftist Snopes Web Site.

10 Minute Video – Banks To Aid In The Gun Control Issue & Get Rid Of Assault Rifles – Don’t Trust The Banks – EVER!!!

Below link deleted – may be due to limited archive abilities.

Go To 3 Minutes 49 Seconds On This Video & Find Out How The F.B.I. & Psychotropic Drugs Are Responsible For Mass Shootings By Registered Democrats & The Corporate Media Is Covering It Up!

25 Minute Video – Excellent Show Reveals Why The Government & Corporate Media Don’t Want You To Have Guns!!!


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