The Arsonist Is In Your Neighborhood – What Will You Do?


The Arsonist’s Threat

If a person was going around your neighborhood lighting all of the homes on fire, what would you do?  Would you start to put out the fires?  Could you put them out faster than the arsonist could light them?

Possibly it would be better to risk a few homes burning down, while you arrested the arsonist so he couldn’t light any more fires?  That would be a good thing, and a logical conclusion to which you could come.

Now, let’s apply this same logic to politics.  We can see that there are multiple raging fires on moral issues such as homosexuality, lying, stealing, bribery, treason, confiscatory taxation, oppressive regulations, religious persecution, and unjust laws etc. etc.  Who is lighting all of these fires?  Let’s start at the top, and we will see people like George Soros, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton etc.  Under them, we will find (possibly not the White House in Trumps’ case – not sure?) Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.  Under them we will find NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), tax exempt foundations (Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller), corrupt corporate fake news media etc., under them, the United Nations, under them, state legislatures and governors, and under them mayors and city councils, and under them county commissioners.

That’s a very long list of arsonists!  So, start at the bottom, and arrest those arsonists first, and then go up the ladder after the rest.  Think locally, and act locally, and in the meantime, don’t ignore the big boys at the top!

Enough said?

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