One On One With The Candidate!

Casper Stockham

Colorado’s 1st Congressional District Candidate Casper Stockham

Casper, an unusual name to be sure, is not your everyday candidate.  What struck me about Casper as we munched on a Panera sandwich was his low key unpretentious and quiet self-confidence.  Having been politically involved for the bulk of my life, there’ve been numerous politicians for me to encounter and talk with  – including, but not limited to, a sitting Vice President, multiple U.S. Senators, sitting Governors, numerous Congressmen, and untold numbers of state and city officials.  Apart from Ron Paul, there has been nobody in my encounters who has been so confident, modest, soft spoken and pleasant as Casper.  It was not possible to detect even a hint of arrogance in him – a notable quality in any political figure to say the least!

Casper didn’t try to shove his thinking down my throat, nor did he try to dominate the conversation.  It was an even handed and pleasant exchange.  Casper is an ardent supporter of, and very knowledgeable about the Constitution.  He teaches it, and unlike Obama, he actually knows, and cares, what it’s all about and sticks to it.

Our conversation revolved in large part in our common experiences and observations about our political efforts (mine all in the past).  We, through our experiences, found overlapping facts that lead us both to believe the elections are rigged.  One really has to wonder how Donald Trump got elected.  It had to be a lot of hard work and vigilance on the part of his supporters.  My recommendation to Casper was to get some good election judges supporting him and watching out for any hanky panky wherever votes were being counted.

Another thing we both observed is that there is a shift in the black community as far as political ideology Black Man Escapes The Plantation!, and it’s been a long time coming. Even though it was the Republicans who “freed the slaves”, blacks have voted, almost monolithically for the last 60 + years for Democrats.  Democrats have pandered to the black community, and made them dependent upon government hand outs, subsidies and special considerations like affirmative action.  All of these things have been a drag on the black community, and the young man in the link above has “broken free” from that bondage.  To quote Martin Luther King Jr.; “Free at last; thank God Almighty free at last!”

Casper is also acutely aware of the need for the individual American to be able to defend him/herself against violent criminals.  This is a right that is inherent and from God according to the Constitution, and America is the only nation in the world where its government (however tacitly these days) recognizes and protects this right.  Although in our discussion we didn’t include it, Casper must be aware that the NRA (National Rifle Association) was founded to arm blacks so they could defend themselves against people like the Ku Klux Klan right after the Civil War.

One thing we both recognized in our conversation is that it is very tough to raise money.  The people with “Big Money” make big demands which force candidates, who have any principles, to compromise their principles.  It’s the little money that is hard to come by because people have tight budgets to meet.  A good part of the reason for “tight” budgets is the fact that the cost of government is going through the roof.  Casper will lower that cost.  Therefore, if that is of importance to you, then give as generously as you can.  The campaign web site is linked in the header under candidate.

And remember this, there are 435 members of the House of Representatives, and each one of them has a vote, and they can vote to spend (or save) any American’s money in any of the 50 states.  If you’re from out of the state of Colorado, you can still contribute.

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