Lies & Statistics – See Both In This Post & From Official Sources No Less!


Gun Stat’s To Knock Your Sox Off!  Including official statistics from the Federal (anti-gun government).  The correlations presented don’t necessarily show causation, and yet the anti-gunners will have you believe they do.  Keep this post as a reference tool – it’s outstanding.

Be mindful, the New York State Supreme Court; along with other court rulings around the country, has declared that the “POLICE have NO DUTY TO PROTECT ANYONE!!!  If that is so, then who do you conclude has a duty to protect you?  Duh!

Next question.  How are you going to protect yourself, and particularly if you are not as well armed as the person attacking you, or you are disabled, much smaller than your attacker, 90 years old, watching a loved one being hurt etc. etc.?

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