Coronavirus – Lab Engineered Without A Doubt! Now What?

Corona Virus – Engineered In A Lab!

As things progress, it seems clear that this will play into the hands of the “Deep State” to gain more control over people and the economy. Recent update Here 99.98% certain.

Credit in large part to MIA – noted at end of article:

If the Coronavirus is not huge and spreading rapidly, why has the Chinese government totally quarantined (i.e., locked down, sealed off) 23 major cities with a total population of 125 million people – the largest such quarantine/lock-down in world history? (And it may even be larger than that by the time you read this.) The Chinese military has surrounded these cities; has blocked all exit roads with huge truckloads of dirt and boulders, and has orders to shoot to kill anyone trying to escape. If it’s not huge, why has the Chinese government declared up to seven-year prison sentences for anyone putting non-government approved information on the coronavirus on social media or the Internet?

The Chinese government (up until this writing) has been claiming only a few hundred deaths (i.e., 2,600 at this writing) from the virus, and only 46,000 infections. The reality is probably 10-20 times greater – or more. If it’s not much bigger than all media and governments (including the Chinese government) are claiming, why are airlines like United, Delta, American, and many more blocking all flights to and from China and a growing number of countries blocking Chinese from entering, or sending them home as the Philippines did with 500 Chinese tourists?

It should be noted that these numbers and the magnitude of this crisis continue to grow geometrically virtually every day – attesting to the fact that this virus (which has already surpassed SARS infections in only about six weeks) is very contagious and spreading very rapidly. It has already spread to 28 countries, including the US, with much of the rapidity due to global air traffic. If an infected person on a plane is coughing, sneezing, or touches surfaces (as in the bathrooms), everyone on the plane breathes the recirculated air and has therefore been exposed to the virus.  San Francisco Chronicle article 2/27/2020 HERE.

In recent decades, we have seen a number of viral outbreaks (i.e., SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, AIDS, and many more, including the present coronavirus outbreak). Most of these have one thing in common – THEY ARE MANMADE – created in the bio-laboratories of the US, Canada, China, and several other countries, either as bioweapons or vaccines for laboratory-engineered viruses.  It should be noted that Israel is making a claim right now that they may be weeks away from a vaccine – big money maker huh?

The Ebola virus was created in a US Army biological warfare laboratory in West Africa, and either accidentally or intentionally released. AIDS was created (according to a 1980s study by the Lancet – a well-respected medical journal) in a laboratory by WHO – which then inserted the virus into smallpox vaccinations that were given in over a dozen areas across Africa. AIDS broke out in all those areas a year or so later. The scientists (probably in connection with Big Pharma) wanted to study the spread of a lethal virus in areas of high transmission (i.e., promiscuity) such as Africa.

Likewise, they inserted the AIDS virus in Hepatitis C vaccinations given to homosexual men – another very high transmission (i.e., promiscuous) group in Houston, San Francisco, and New York. This was the origin of the AIDS crisis in America. Even though the global media is claiming that the coronavirus originated with bats, snakes, or seafood, there is growing (and compelling evidence) that it was engineered in a Chinese biological warfare laboratory in Wuhan and accidentally escaped laboratory containment.

In the last few years, over 700,000 Kenyan girls and women were given a Tetanus vaccination by WHO. Later it was proven by a number of suspicious Kenyan doctors that a sterilization drug had been inserted into the vaccine – sterilizing virtually all of these unsuspecting women. Such evil experiments were conducted on over 100,000 prisoners (men, women, and children) in Nazi death camps by the Nazi doctors – who were looking for ways to exterminate large numbers of what they called “undesirables.” The medical tech giants of the 1930s (the forerunners of today’s Big Pharma tech giants), such as IG Farben, were very much into eugenics (population control), and their experiments were being conducted with that goal in mind. Fast forward to today – some things never change!

It should be remembered that the powerful globalists have, as one of their stated priorities, dramatic global population reduction to “save the planet.” Henry Kissinger urged in the 1970s a reduction of 80-90%. Even Bill Gates has articulated in recent years the need for dramatic global population reduction. Wars are too slow – but viruses could help the globalists to achieve that goal in a short time, and without any retaliation possible unless they are caught and exposed – a hard thing to do! Also remember the Spanish flu virus of 1918 infected an estimated 500 million people and killed 50 million people in just a couple of years.

Most of these new viruses are created by governments for either future biological warfare purposes or to create demand for Big Pharma vaccines (created at the same time as they created the virus) so the companies can make billions off of “their solution” (vaccine) to the viral crisis. It would be interesting to know how many billions Big Pharma has made off of their AIDS patient treatments. It would also be interesting to know if the present coronavirus pandemic was just a virus vaccine experiment gone wrong or if it was a bio-weapon that was accidentally released. We may never know, but it is very clear that the Chinese government had nothing to gain and everything to lose economically, financially, culturally, and power-wise by the intentional release of this virus.

But something is very different about this virus – its high degree of contagiousness and the rapidity with which it is proliferating and note, the conflict with the “official” story line, which is designed to keep the majority uninformed in order to avoid a panic and global financial/economic meltdown).  A closer look at the possible origins of this virus in which we must consider the economic/financial implications – worldwide – of this pandemic; and we can speculate on how the global socialists may try to advance their goal of world government via this crisis – remember the WHO (World Health Organization) is already operational and in place worldwide!

The Wuhan history/connection follows: sometime in 2017 or 2018, a level-4 (most highly secured) research and development biowarfare lab was established in Wuhan (called Wuhan 34). The facility is actually a highly secret military bio-warfare lab. On February 2, Mike Adams wrote in Natural News: On January 31, a paper published in the journal presented findings that indicated the coronavirus appeared to be engineered with “key structural proteins” of HIV, providing strong scientific support for the theory that the coronavirus is an engineered bio-weapon, or at least a vaccine experiment that escaped laboratory containment in China. Now, stunning new evidence has emerged that proves the coronavirus was definitely engineered in a laboratory and may have been deliberately injected into patients as part of a Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong.

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, founder of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge and author of 57 peer-reviewed publications, who recently wrote an analysis of the gene sequence for the coronavirus, has identified a peculiar sequence called “pShuttleSN.” This sequence is the remnant of a genetic engineering sequence that’s used to insert genes into viruses and bacteria. It provides irrefutable “open source” proof that the coronavirus now circulating was engineered in a laboratory. Every lab that has the gene sequence can see this for themselves. It’s right out in the open, which is why we describe this revelation as “open source.”

“One thing we can say for certain is that this particular virus has a laboratory origin,” states Lyons-Weiler in an interview with Del Bigtree. “This genomic evidence does not, however, prove whether it was produced as a bio-weapon or as a vaccine experiment. It could be either one,” according to Lyons-Weiler. “In fact, if you then take that sequence and compare it to other proteins, we find that it’s actually a SARS protein that was put into a coronavirus for the purpose of making the vaccine work better. That’s why this element is in there, to create a more effective vaccine. If it was a vaccine experiment gone wrong, then the world is in real trouble,” warns Lyons-Weiler.

Why does it matter whether the origin was a Chinese vaccine experiment or a bio-weapon? As previous research has revealed, when these SARS insertions into the coronavirus are introduced into an animal as part of a vaccine, they create heightened fatalities when patients are exposed to other coronavirus strains. In effect, being vaccinated with this particular strain of coronavirus causes individuals to be more easily killed by the common cold and other non-pandemic coronavirus strains that are circulating in the world.

This horrifying realization emerged when Chinese researchers were trying to make a SARS vaccine following the SARS outbreak several years ago. They discovered that the SARS vaccine INCREASED fatalities instead of saving people. Further study revealed that the SARS sequence being inserted into the coronavirus made the virus far more deadly, effectively transforming it into a bio-weapon – whether intended or not.

Now, James Lyons-Weiler has published a detailed article explaining the SARS insertion into the coronavirus and why this is proof that the coronavirus now circulating in the world is of laboratory origin, not coming from bats and snakes. Was it a vaccine that the Chinese government was experimenting with? If you use a SARS vaccine in ferrets, rats, or monkeys, and then they get a secondary infection of a SARS virus, the elderly and immunocompromised end up dying.

Coronavirus is not just a random type coronavirus that just happened to acquire this [SARS] element. It’s laboratory acquired somehow. It has escaped from the laboratory OR people have been vaccinated with it and that’s why it’s in their bodies. There’s a huge difference in the predicted health outcome for the world if this is a vaccination experiment in China versus just a laboratory escaped vaccine. If it is a biological laboratory weapons escape, it’s going to be a nightmare. BUT, if it’s a vaccine type that escaped because of an accidental injection into someone, it’s going to be worse than if they made their entire population susceptible to SARS with a vaccine program.

In other words, if it’s an escaped vaccine strain that has now gone wild, the entire world is now vulnerable to the SARS-coronavirus gene insertion that was previously found to be killing lab animals, which is why the SARS vaccine program was halted (because it was too dangerous to test on humans). He further concludes that this appears almost certainly to be a vaccine experiment gone wrong: If this is further confirmed, we may, in fact, be looking at a true vaccine holocaust where vaccine researchers are now subjecting the entire world to a deadly mistake that could theoretically cause a very large number of fatalities – all in the quest for vaccine profits, of course.

The available evidence most strongly supports that the 2019-nCoV virus is a vaccine strain of coronavirus either accidentally released from a laboratory accident, perhaps a laboratory researcher becoming infected with the virus while conducting animal experiments, OR the Chinese were performing clinical studies of a Coronavirus vaccine on humans. As expected, the tech giants are working overtime to squelch any dissenting views, protect the vaccine and bio-weapons industries, and reinforce communist China’s official lies. No blame can be allowed to fall on either one” { – maybe why the New York Slimes (Times) is calling it the “Trumpvirus”?   Instead, Mother Nature, or Trump, must be blamed for all this. Ed. Note} “And that means the truth must be silenced – a strategy that is, of course, routine for the vaccine industry. [End of Mike Adams quote.]

The numbers of infected and/or dying are growing exponentially, and we are just at the beginning.  Prudent protection of your and your family’s health is a must.  Good nutrition, hydration, supplements such as Vitamin “C”, D-3, and B-Complex at the very least are a must for boosted immune systems.  Colloidal Silver has potential to fight off bacteria, viruses and funguses.  Self-quarantine efforts may become necessary.  Home schooling is already looking good.  In Japan, they’ve closed the schools of the entire nation for one month!  Be wise, alert and prepared!

As an aside: All dead bodies in China are immediately taken to crematoriums, without funerals, and cremated – no bodies can be buried. Many thousands of bodies are being incinerated in crematoriums (which are at capacity and severely backlogged) – burning thousands of dead bodies 24 hours a day – the So2 smoke can now be detected from space by satellite imaging.

A statistical study from highly credentialed Chinese scientists concludes that the virus so far has an R0 (reproduction number, indicating how infectious a disease is) of slightly over 4 – which predicts that every infected person will infect 4 more people. Typical flu viruses average 1.3. In a crowded constricted area like an airplane, airport, baggage claim area, elevator, crowded market, hospital emergency room, etc., these scientists say, the R0 could be about 12.

According to a study published in the Lancet, the fatality rate of the coronavirus is 15%, and has an 83% infection rate for those exposed. In other words, this virus is off-the charts contagious. China is consuming 100,000 full body health hazard suits each day – another indication of the severity of the crisis.

Thanks to MIA for the bulk of this piece with some edits and contributions from Pensiamento Peligroso.


A response from a friend with close ties to China:

The Chinese news media is reporting that the coronavirus was engineered by the US and intentionally released in China. They are also reporting that half the flu deaths in the US are actually coronavirus deaths. China knew that several scientists around the world would eventually discover the virus was genetically engineered, so spreading this story opens up the back door.

I hadn’t heard about the possibility that China was trying to develop a vaccine. That could explain why the virus escaped. Maybe no one thought developing a vaccine would be that dangerous, so they got a little careless.

The virus may go into remission over the summer, but we think that everyone in the world will eventually contract the virus after a year or two. There is no way to avoid it, but we stocked up on food anyway.

It’s possible that no one will be able to develop a vaccine. In that case, the virus could activate at any time over and over until it eventually kills the host. My guess is that it could lower life expectancy by at least 20 years.

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  1. what a crock of politically partisan shit! Ebola originated in Apes which are highly promiscuous thus don’t pair off (so the offspring raised communally -like Hillary says “it takes a village”) THEN the disease mutated to across species to humans ignorant enough to hunt and eat them(bushmeat).
    as for Corona ,ALL evidence points to WUHAN wherein a bio lab DOES exist only 300 Meters from the produce wet market which was allowed and encouraged for years by the CCP-including the global harvesting (poaching) of exotic animals .
    Trump’s economy has been at an all time high , helping his re election -thanks to taking jobs back from China!
    China’s economy since Trump began has been crashing. The Chinese Communist Party has been headed for a Soviet style collapse, thus they’ve nothing to lose by putting EVERYONE in recession gambling that Americans would vote Biden (Chinese trade patsy) into office and revert trade back to the earlier favorable deals.


    1. I’ve heard; can’t confirm, that a lab tech in Wuhan lab took a test animal to the market to sell for a few extra Yuan. Really bright thing to do.


  2. Parson Smith · · Reply

    Yes this was bio-engineered, probably by US and maybe also China involvement. The key thing to factor in now is that the deep state already has the vaccine but is holding it back to give the economy time to crash and to force us to dig ourselves into a hole financially. And, of course, to get rid of Trump. THE ANTIDOTE ALREADY EXISTS. Trump needs to get this message asap and demand that it be released. This is the solution to this nightmare we are now in. We can’t wait 12 to 18 months for a vaccine, our country will be decimated with thousands of companies out of business. We must act immediately, Imagine how this fact changes the picture we are looking at right now. We already have the vaccine, folks. They don’t bio-engineer viruses without also bio-engineering the antidote, and this one has been around for several years.


    1. Parson,
      Thanks for responding thoughtfully. You should read some other of my more recent posts – subscribing is free & no ads! Tell your friends family & associates. It’s very scary what’s going on and the fact that the American people put security over liberty. Liberty does not manifest itself in a vacuum; it requires struggle, knowledge and vigilance!


    2. Parson P.S. check out my post on Video – Coronavirus patented 3/19/20


  3. GrassPossum · · Reply

    There was never any evidence CV19 originated from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. it was an outright lie being spread by CIA fronts which appeared at the start of the outbreak. The evidence and it IS compelling is that it was created in a US lab. The patent for a very similar in all the right bits novel coronavirus belongs to the USA in fact. Engineered from their also man-made SARS virus it was patented in 2015 and passed in 2018. Any vaccine made to combat CV19 will fall under the US patent in fact. No matter who does it, they will end up paying royalties to the US patent holders. This is no secret, it is just not being mentioned.


    1. TSC has posted a story about the patenting of the virus. Nothing would surprise me, and something of this nature will probably be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to track the origin with absolute certainty. We know the CIA, CDC, FBI, Republican, Democrat and Communist Parties are all as crooked as the yellow brick road, and operate at the behest of the criminal central banksters. It’s, as the British might say, “a sticky wicket”!


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