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Facts About Socialism & People

  To coin the lyrics from a song called Morning Blues by Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band, or Linda Rondstadt’s version of Morning Blues; “Why should I work so hard when I can live on the chickens in my neighbors yard?”  (Go to midway in the song for the specific lyrics mentioned)  Quote of […]

Audio Sermon – What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?

Pastor John Macarthur   Homosexuality & The Bible.

Audio Sermon – Thinking Biblically About The Economy, The Government & Your Money!

Pastor John Macarthur Thinking Biblically About The Economy, Government & Your Money!

Leprosy Pictures

Leprosy Pictures!  The way that leprosy is spread is through close face to face contact.  Leprosy is a bacteria.  Why is this writer covering leprosy?  Leprosy is thought to be a Biblical times disease that Jesus healed.   Judah Ben Hur (Charleton Heston – Ben Hur movie) had relatives with leprosy who were sent to a […]