What Happens When It’s The Criminals Who Run The Government?


Americans are constantly hearing the refrain of our leaders that we “are a nation of laws”.  So what does that mean?  To  a rational person, it means that America is ruled by laws and not men.  But, is that what our leaders who say this actually mean?  It could be suggested that what they actually mean is that the laws that these evil men legislate rule until they legislate new laws.

One mark of living in a tyrannical or totalitarian government is when nobody knows clearly what the  laws are, and worse yet, there are so many laws, that nobody can possibly know them all, and they are so conflicting and unjust, that it makes criminals out of everyone.  Harvey Silverglate wrote a book titled Three Felonies a Day in which he detailed how the Federal Government zealously and selectively persecuted and prosecuted people who may have been guilty of violating a law, but they had committed no crime other than to irritate some bureaucrat or politician.

When the laws are too complex, too numerous, too vague, too arbitrary and too subjective to clearly and equitably enforce, or even know, then there is a serious problem.  Try getting two I.R.S. agents to agree on tax policy – it ain’t going to happen!  The I.R.S. tax code is easily 50 times as long as the Bible, and look at all the scholars who disagree on the Bible! Wolters Kluwer CCH Standard Tax Reporter, 2013

Who can possibly know all of these laws?  Who would want to?  And yet, ignorance of the law we are told is no excuse.  It’s absolutely certain that even the best of them (tax experts) are ignorant of what’s in the I.R.S. tax code above, and yet that is just a small percentage of the laws that are foisted upon Americans every day.  There is the DEA, DOA, EPA, FDA, SEC etc. and for a complete list go here.  Ten thousand pages get added to the federal register every year.  Those are all new and amended laws.

So, yes, we are a nation of laws, but nobody knows them all, nobody enforces them uniformly or consistently.  Nobody cares if they are just, understandable or even feasible.  They’re just there, and maybe they’ll come in handy when some sleazy politician or his/her prosecutor friend wants to go after someone who is stepping out of line.  If that’s the case, then we have become a nation of men who rule instead of laws that rule.  Then we have become a dictatorship and a tyranny.  That’s what happens when criminals rule, and right now, criminals are ruling in both major parties, and the major parties are run by the quintessential criminals who are the central banksters who are bound by no laws whatsoever.  Criminals don’t obey any laws unless they choose to, but they expect you to obey them putting you at a significant disadvantage.

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