Who Benefits From Jewish Synagogue Shooting In Pittsburgh PA? Pay Particular Attention To Questions Highlighted In Purple.


Jews Vote preponderantly Democrat as demonstrated in their own web site linked in blue at the beginning of this paragraph.  With the bought and paid for corporate, lying, lamestream, hard left, fake news media sure to blame this event on conservatives and radical right wingers with Trump inspiring them, this should help push the Jewish community to get out the vote for the Democrats.  Additionally, the Jewish community is noted for their disproportionate influence along with Israel wielding immense power in America’s economy and politics?  WHY IS ISRAEL SO PROSPEROUS?

They tend, on a per capita basis, to be more highly educated, more affluent, and in more influential positions and typically the owners of businesses, elected officials, holding white collar positions, and manning professional statuses such as attorneys, doctors and CPA’s.  They may fight amongst themselves, but when attacked, they unite to thwart any attack.  Although they are not monolithic in their thinking, they are substantially so, and they do support their own.  For this reason, the shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue, at the very least, has the potential to unify the Jewish vote.  Unlike the numerous shootings at Christian churches in recent history, this will be kept alive much longer with a much higher profile and much deeper and broader political ramifications.

As baffling as it may be, the American Jewish community has a strong tendency to oppose the Second Amendment right to own and bear arms and unlike their counterpart in Israel where everyone is well armed.  American Jews prefer power to be in the hands of the state instead of the individual.  This of course is a litmus test for Democrats, and a pivotal issue in virtually every election for the past few decades at least.  Now that a gun (few guns in fact) has been used to murder 11 Jews and injure 6 in a house of worship, this will resonate well for the Democrats.

It’s noteworthy that the Jewish population rejects many of the tenets of the Tanakh which is the Old Testament or the Torah, Prophets & Writings (Psalms & Proverbs).  As a result, they reject capital punishment which is part of the Tanakh, and makes sense to apply after an egregious act such as the shooting in Pittsburgh.  Their association with the Democrats hasn’t helped, because the Democrats are preponderantly Communistic, Socialists, atheists and secular humanists.

Reason for them comes from man and not from God, and therefore, law comes from man and not from God.  Democrats have foisted a myriad of miserable, contradictory, unethical, hypocritical laws on America and the world, that show gross negligence, ignorance and favoritism.  Human nature hasn’t changed since the beginning of man (lying, stealing, cheating, murder, adultery etc.), so man’s laws which reflect that nature will never solve the problem.  Jews need to divorce themselves from the Democratic Party before they lose all.

As to the shooter, we need to know: where did this guy come from?  Does he have a criminal history?  Was he under medical care?  Was he on psychotropic drugs?  Had he been, in the recent past, in touch with the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. (or they with him)?  Had he any financial problems (we know he filed for bankruptcy)?  Was he under any scrutiny by any law enforcement or intelligence agencies?  Were any large sums of money deposited recently in his or a close family member’s bank account (a payoff for his shooting)?  What was his political registration (it’s said Republican, but Democrat before that)?  What were his political affiliations (leftist or maybe but doubtful conservative)?  What kind of social media profile did he have (supposedly all of his Twitter accounts he followed were leftists)?  Why did he do what he did when he did it (so close to an election which would galvanize Democrats)?

Yes, we are confronted with another false flag event in this writer’s estimate, and it may or may not ever come to light, but it is certain that it will have political influence – possibly with a very great magnitude.  Check out this hypnotism program – could this have anything to do with some of these events?

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