Daily Archives: October 31, 2018

Cesar Sayoc Sends Out 12 Non-Functioning Pipe Bombs & F.B.I. Director Says They Were Real & Not A Hoax – Who Are You Trying To Kid?

  12 Phony Pipe Bombs – 4 more pipe bombs found since the original 8.  So, now we have 12 pipe bombs sent in the mail, most, if not all, without postmarks or being discovered by the U.S. Mail’s security system and x-ray equipment.  None of them went off, and in fact couldn’t go off.  […]

7 1/2 Minute Video Interview With Migrant Hoards. They Claim Nothing About This “Is Political”.

  Migrant Hoards Interviewed.  The questions that must be answered is who organized this migration, who has paid for it, who is promoting it, what has been promised to these people, what do they expect, why do they expect it, and most importantly, why does America have to go along with it? These people are claiming […]