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Can Prejudice Be Eliminated? Not Likely, Although You May Be Eliminated If Your Prejudices Are The Wrong Ones.

  First, what is prejudice?  Prejudice is the belief (based upon fact, emotion, or both), that something is true or false, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong, etc.  All of those things are inculcated in people from birth by their closest associations (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle and empirical evidences etc.)  Those things can […]

A Trivia Question – Not Too Difficult.

A nation is commonly understood as a particular group of people or peoples with a defined territory established by borders and a common government ruling said people or peoples within that territory.  The united nations is a compilation of nation states which have collectively agreed to meet in one location and to peacefully work out […]

Indiana Solicitor General Can Take “All” Your Property If You Go 1 Mile An Hour Over The Speed Limit. Apparently, The 8th Amendment Of The Constitution Is No Limit On Him!

  Civil Asset Forfeiture Is Evil!  It is also a violation of the 8th Amendment which protects against unreasonable fines and punishments.  Wake up America before it’s too late.  The Democrats are hard core Communists, and this conforms to Communist thinking. Watch out for “Red Flag” laws.  Someone you don’t even know who for whatever […]

Why Does Pensiamento Peligroso Only Take Donations? He Tries To Think “Outside The Box”

Pensiamento is not interested in government approval or restrictions  which would be the case if this BLOG were a non-profit or charity which has to conform to the laws of a 501 C3 tax deductible organization receiving donations, so you cannot deduct your gifts.  Additionally, any gift under $15,000 does not have any tax ramifications […]