Can Prejudice Be Eliminated? Not Likely, Although You May Be Eliminated If Your Prejudices Are The Wrong Ones.


First, what is prejudice?  Prejudice is the belief (based upon fact, emotion, or both), that something is true or false, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong, etc.  All of those things are inculcated in people from birth by their closest associations (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle and empirical evidences etc.)  Those things can be altered by “socialization” which is a concept that has been developed by the government education system designed to undo what has been learned from birth by every human being.  This of course would explain “Mandatory education laws” which seek more and more to pry the children from the home at earlier and earlier ages and provide reeducation which contradicts the teaching of those who love the children who are forced to go to schools.  Right now, the state would like to have your children starting at age 4, and ultimately, the moment they are born.

In the meantime, not only are there family influences on children, but there are external influences such as church, neighbors, TV, movies, Video games, books, magazines, newspapers etc.  All of this has some impact and influence on the individual.  The bottom line is that prejudice cannot be eliminated, but more importantly (for the government) what prejudices do you hold?   Prejudices can be of a positive or negative implication.  For example, you could be prejudice in favor or against broccoli.  There is no real moral quality to broccoli, and so nobody gets offended at that – except broccoli growers maybe.

On the other hand, you can be prejudiced in favor of or against homosexuality, socialism, narcotic drug use, high or low taxes, forced medication (vaccines), forced education (indoctrination), religious beliefs etc.  Now, we’re talking moral issues, and people start to get angry and violent over these kinds of issues.  Those who favor things that have long since been unacceptable by the majority throughout history are those who call for “tolerance”, or to be tolerant of their pet interests and pursuits.  Once they have achieved that success, then they seek “acceptance” which means that the behavior, or belief can then become a protected situation under the law.  Lastly, legalization of the particular pursuit or interest becomes codified in the law system.  At this point, it can be shoved down the throats of those who once opposed that particular moral situation and can even make criminals out of those who held once commonly accepted beliefs.

The more the legalization of things once considered immoral by people who still adhere to that belief (“Prejudice”), then the greater the disparity (polarization) in society between that camp and those who embrace the new “Prejudice”; and then again the greater the chance is for civil war, violence in the streets and general political turmoil.  When a decline in the accepted morality (prejudice) takes place, in favor of a new morality (prejudice), then there is a push for one view or the other, and that “push” involves political machinations, media manipulation, and street action.  Violence will likely ensue.  The mild mannered citizens will be inclined to soft pedal the situation, while those pushing for the new prejudice will be forceful, if not violent.

When the “mild mannered” or “passive”, get pushed into a corner, they will retaliate, because when you have your back to the wall, you have no place to go.  This kind of situation is often referred to as the pendulum swinging back and forth.  Right now, the American pendulum is swinging very far left and  in favor of little to no moral restraints on people’s behavior.  At some point, the decline which leads to thievery, murder, Satanism,  pedophilia, adultery, homosexuality, lying, stealing, thuggery, incest, polygamy, religious heresy, unlimited oppression of people etc., and will also lead to absolute chaos that swings too far to the left, causing resistance.  Some form of morality that is acceptable to the vast majority will have to be instituted in order for society to have some order.  Chaos cannot survive for long, and “out of chaos”, as the saying goes, “comes order”.

Generally, that “order” is out of a call from the masses, and it is usually in the direction of totalitarianism such as Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Dictatorship etc.  This of course is what the rich and powerful (who have been pushing and financing the new prejudices) would like to see – it is an opening for them to take over.  At that point, the rich and powerful can eliminate through mass murder, property confiscation, high taxes (impoverishment), enslavement or incarceration any opposition to their power.  Subjective dictatorial law will become the rule, and individual thinking and action will become subversive and against the law (read 1984).  This, in this writer’s opinion, is justification for objective law.  Dictators (and majorities) have “subjective” law meaning that they rule by whatever suits their prejudices.  Objective law is outside of man’s reach of influence, and is established and fixed so that no bribe, cajoling, warring or debating can change it.

So, where can you find “objective” law?  There is just one place – the Bible which is the God of all Creation’s “PREJUDICE” (will)!  This would explain why governments and the rich and powerful do whatever they can to discredit the Bible.  They lie through their teeth to say that it is anachronistic, outdated, inaccurate, unproven, fraught with error, antediluvian, contradictory, hypocritical, unrealistic etc.  Of course, they know little or nothing of the proper interpretation of the Scriptures nor all of the incredible scholarship that’s gone on to verify accurately the truth of the Bible, and even more importantly they ignore and twist the proper application of the Scriptures.  They are also ignorant of all of the massive evidences (geologically, archaeologically, and historically). that confirm the truth of the Bible.  In the meantime, we will have to live with the lies of the rich and powerful and their subjective whims (prejudices) to rule us and eliminate us at will as it serves their pleasure to get rid of any obstacles to their tyranny.  The word tyranny comes from the Greek word tyranos which means Godless rule.  See the connection now?

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