A Trivia Question – Not Too Difficult.

United Nations

A nation is commonly understood as a particular group of people or peoples with a defined territory established by borders and a common government ruling said people or peoples within that territory.  The united nations is a compilation of nation states which have collectively agreed to meet in one location and to peacefully work out their problems, trade issues, and relationships with each other with the primary and ultimate goal of avoiding warfare to solve their problems.  Currently, the United Nations is trying to force their members and even non-member states to open their borders to anyone who wants to come in.  This, of course makes the border meaningless, and it makes the nation’s government impotent.  Therefore, the question is;

“Why do they call themselves the United Nations when they are trying to destroy the borders of the member nations?”  Your answer will be posted in the comment section no matter how nonsensical, Leftist, vitriolic, politically incorrect or even erroneous.

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