More Thoughts On Reparations & Socialism

Robbery Is Always Wrong

What is “robbery”? Robbery is when the criminal confronts the victim verses burglary when he does not. A key distinction is that robbery implies some physical threat of harm, and very possibly a deadly threat – especially if it is “Armed” robbery. Now when someone employs a government agent to commit the robbery, they have removed themselves one step from the robbery, and at the same time, they have legitimized the robbery under the color of law (legislation). As the groundswell for “reparations” grows, one must ask a few questions such as; 1.) Who gets them? 2.) Who pays them? 3.) How are they collected? Without those three questions being asked and answered, there will be no reparations apart from anarchy, violence and “robbery” in the streets.

So, let’s ask #1 Who Receives? Denzel Washington, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, LeBron James, Beyoncé, Bill Cosby, Tyler Perry, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Robert F. Woods (America’s richest black @ $3.3 billion), Barack Obama (former U.S. President on a lifetime pension of $200K a year + benefits), or some of the millions of solidly middle and upper middle-class black Americans whose incomes meet or exceed what the average American makes? Of course, what this is really all about is “socialism” and its total implementation under the guise of reparations. Rest assured, that these so called “reparations” will only ensnare and enslave the black population even more. When anything is handed to anyone (black, white, red, yellow or brown), there is no longer any incentive to work for it, and as a result character and integrity is undermined. Socialism is designed to drag everyone, no matter what color they are, down to the lowest common denominator. Socialism is thuggery and evil. It is legalized thievery, and socialism is for the rich and the powerful.

So, let’s ask #2 Who Pays? The immediate and most obvious reply would be the “White” community, because it was all their fault to begin with. Yes, white people have done some evil in their day. Barack Obama is half white, so not sure how to deal with him. Of course, there are others who are 1/4 white, 1/8 white, 1/16 white and so on. Shall the payment be in proportion to the percentage of whiteness, or shall someone who is 1/32 white still be considered “black” and receive the full benefit? When records have been lost or poorly kept or burned up in a fire, how will people prove their status? Shall people who were black slavers have to pay, or will they receive? What about people who are first generation Americans who had nothing to do with slavery or the oppression of civil rights that followed the Civil War? What about families who fought and died fighting on the side of the North against slavery; shall they pay? What about people who live under the poverty line; shall they pay? Shall Asians pay? Shall Indians pay? Shall Mexicans/Latinos pay? Shall the billionaires pay i.e. Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Warren Buffet et. al.?

So, let’s ask #3 How collected? Obviously, the government will be the vehicle for collecting the payments. Will it be collected through income tax, user taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, wealth taxes, inflation or some other kind of tax not yet invented. Will it be based upon a graduated tax founded on the ability of the person taxed to pay? Will it be a flat, tax, poll tax, indirect/direct tax? Will it be collected at the Federal level (most likely), state level (possibly), County level (Maybe), Municipal level (possibly). No matter, who collects it, you can rest assured that just like a robber, they will carry a gun and, if need be, hold it to your head and take what they want by force.

A fourth question that should be asked, but likely won’t is; “Who benefits?” The answer should be clear by now; the beneficiaries are the ultra-rich, and the politicians. Who loses? Everyone loses except for the beneficiaries.


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  1. If reparations are accepted by blacks, is this an admission that they are not nor have they ever been citizens of the United States. Their claim that their ancestors were brought here against their will and thus were not citizens then how can the blacks claim citizenship if they accept payment for the labor of these non-citizens?


    1. That is a conundrum for which I have no answer.


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