Daily Archives: March 10, 2021

Crypto Currency Humor – Bitcoin & Others Are Much Less Quality In Performance.

Another bit of humor: Bitcoin uses 1% of the world’s electricity for its mining applications, and HBAR’s use of electricity is negligible. What a “non-green” way to do things. HBAR is faster and more secure HERE. Check out the Hashgraph platform and see for yourself. It is utilitarian for smart contracts and fast confirmation of […]

How Considerate; Now When You Go To The Grocery Store, You’ll Know If Your Food Was Made By A Racial Minority, Pervert Or Foreigner!

What you buy at the grocery store HERE. What percentage of the population uses their credit card at the grocery store – 95% +? Ever look at your receipt? It lists everything you bought – EVERYTHING! So, what happens if you don’t buy a black owned company’s product? Do you become a racist in the […]