Is The Constitution Dead?

Constitution Est. May 25, 1787

For decades now, people in high places with influence, educators, politicians, corporate executives, philanthropists etc. have been telling us how anachronistic the Constitution is, and how it needs to be rewritten to accommodate a modern society. The problem lay not in the Constitution, but in the reality that human nature has not changed. The founders who wrote and gave us the Constitution were acutely aware of two things; one, human nature, and two, the fact that human nature has not changed in millennia. As Thomas Jefferson, credited as the author of the Constitution, said; “Let there be no more talk of confidence in man, but let him be bound down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” President George Bush was credited with saying; “The Constitution is just a G_d D_ _ _ed piece of paper.”.

That kind of arrogance and disregard for the “chains”, to which Jefferson referred, is quite disheartening to those who love America and want to preserve the character and integrity of a nation that has established itself as something unique and distinct – a nation that is ruled by laws instead of men (dictators and oligarchs). Although not perfect, our Constitutional government has led to the greatest amount of freedom mankind has ever known. Additionally, we have enjoyed a level of peace and prosperity that has never been known before. Even the poorest person in America, at least until 2020, had sufficient food to eat, and if need be a source for donated food. That same poor person has electricity, natural gas, heating, cooking capabilities, a television and radio, and in many, not all cases, an automobile! And yet, that person can be categorized as “poor”! Well, go to Calcutta, India if you want to see poverty up close and personal. There you will find people who are living on less than a dollar a day.

America may well be headed for that kind of poverty, and for that matter, the whole world might be headed that way if the Covid pLandemic continues to be foisted upon us. So, is the Constitution “dead”? Probably not quite yet, but it is on life support. Our elected officials will not defend it, and appointed officials such as the U.S. Supreme Court justices will not defend it. Multi-national corporate chiefs will not defend it. Obviously America’s foreign enemies will not defend and protect it, so that leaves you and me to defend and protect it. At this late stage, that is a tall order. Americans have been asleep at the wheel for decades and have allowed this debacle to become entrenched in our society!

“How so” you say? Well, a long time ago shortly after WW II, all vestiges of the Christian religion began to be removed from the public sector – schools, legislatures, city councils etc. Now this writer will be the first to admit that you need not be a Christian to appreciate the benefits of Christianity. Christianity, if applied accurately and sincerely from the Bible, is good for everyone. Christianity respects people’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is to say in more specific terms, Christianity encourages, and protects the right to speak one’s mind freely, to walk freely in the world, to associate freely, to work and therefore enjoy and keep the fruits of one’s labors, to own property, to stay out of debt, to be judged by a jury of one’s peers etc. These are all things that most everyone would agree are good things for everyone. Indeed it is the afore mentioned list of rights and freedoms which are enshrined in the Constitution which is, for all intents and purposes, a largely Christian document.

So, is the Constitution dead? That depends upon those who see merit in it. If there are enough who see merit in it, who will speak out in favor of it, and if need be fight for it in the halls and chambers of the legislatures across America, and yes, fight for it on the streets of America if need be, then maybe we can retain it and preserve it. But, if not, then it will be dead, and with the death of the Constitution will be the death of freedom for the individual, the death of prosperity, the death of anything and everything good. In its place will come a “dark winter” to quote Joe Biden. In it’s place will come slavery, poverty, disease, fear, anguish, gross and vile immorality, hypocrisy, division and hatred. Think long and hard on just how much you want to resuscitate and prolong the life of the Constitution for yourself and future generations. Will this be the generation that hangs its head in shame and turns over to the next generation a dead and buried Constitution?


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  1. Americans should listen to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, as he’s “been there; done that”. As noted in your article, there is but a glimmer of hope that Pence will do the right thing, or maybe Trump? It is definitely “nonsense”, but it is very life altering and serious nonsense. The left loves to treat us like mushrooms and keep us in the dark and feed us s _ _ t!


  2. The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist. – Lysander Spooner


  3. Brett Connor · · Reply

    For the Jewish Elite running the country. It’s been null and void since 1776.


    1. Possibly. Having grown up in a Jewish ghetto, and attended a preponderantly Jewish school system and having worked in a couple of industries dominated by Jews, it became obvious to me that a preponderance of Jews were Communistic and Socialistic if not outright one or the other. Observing them over many decades, it became clear that they didn’t believe in the Tanakh, or even the Torah. For most of them, by their own admission, it is a club they are in, and that is all, and they do stick together within that club to do business with each other. The dominant position (my guess) in the Jewish community is Khazarian, and they are Jewish by adoption – not by blood line.


  4. kookooracharabioso · · Reply

    I suspect that many people don’t get too excited about this because as soon as they left public school and entered the workforce they learned that their Constitutional rights were just ink on paper and that these rights were suspended in exchange for a wage.


    1. It’s hard to draw a clear cut line as to when the Constitution “died” if it has died, but it is not dead in the hearts of many Americans, and so I believe there is still a glimmer of hope, although only a glimmer. Within the next 18 days, we will have our answer.


  5. The True Nolan · · Reply

    No written agreement will bind psychopaths who do not honor their oaths to written agreements. Any written Constitution is only good as long as honorable people are prepared to use force against liars and criminals.


    1. Yes indeed! Benjamin Franklin (I may be in error here) said that the Constitution was for a moral people, and half of America is absolutely degenerate, and the lion’s share of Christians are weak and poorly informed.


  6. GrimFandango · · Reply

    The Constitution has been dead since Abe Lincoln usurped it, and attacked American citizens with the US Army. The appearance of life it has displayed since then is merely the shuddering of rigor mortis


    1. Interesting analysis – Lincoln was certainly no friend of the Constitution.


      1. GrimFandango · ·

        It is far worse than can be imagined. We have been taught by our government school system about a mythical hero, who was in fact a homicidal psychopath. Try this account, well written and heavily authenticated:


    2. Donald Perry · · Reply

      Thank You


  7. If you ever saw the movie Amazing Grace, you saw the abolition of slavery without a shot being fired. Lincoln not only violated the Constitution, but he violated good order and reasonable behavior standards. But, he was a good rhetorician – sound familiar?


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