Daily Archives: January 1, 2021

3 Minute Video – Nurse Who Took Covid Vaccine Shows Off Her Bell’s Palsy & Decries The Vaccine As Something She Would Not Wish Upon Anyone.

3 minute video – nurse gets Bell’s Palsy from Covid Vaccine HERE. Do you want to volunteer to get the vaccine? Are you chomping at the bit to get the vaccine? Do you want the military beating down people’s doors to administer the vaccine to reluctant people who don’t want to take it? Are you […]

The Georgia Guidestones – Haven’t Heard Of Them? Well, Now You Have & It’s The Basis For The “New World (Ugly & Deadly) Order”.

Who and what will the Georgia Guidestones guide HERE? Note, the number one objective is to keep the population below 500 million – permanently! That means 6.5 billion people have got to go. What better way to get rid of them than an artificially induced pandemic, toxic vaccines and economic destruction on a massive scale? […]