Get Even or Get Shafted

Do you have as much wealth and purchasing power today as you did ten years ago, or are you poorer today than you were ten years ago?  It’s likely you are poorer, and yet, you may not realize why, and even more importantly, what can you do about it?  Knowledge, they say, is power.

If you understand the nature of man, then you know there is a whole lot of corruption going on about you, and some of it is visible and obvious, but some of it is subtler and less obvious.  Think for a moment what makes the world go around?  What touches your life every day?

Money!  Yes, whether it is writing a check for your utility bill, filling up the gas tank or buying a hamburger, you need and use money.  But, do you know what money is?  Here’s a definition; it’s a medium of exchange, easily divisible, durable, limited in supply, and most importantly, it must be a store of value.

If money deteriorates, then it is not a store of value.  How does money deteriorate?  If the Federal Reserve prints a trillion dollars, and there’s no more goods and services produced, then those extra dollars end up being used to bid up the price of the goods and services making things less affordable except for those whom the Federal Reserve chooses as favored people to receive that money.

So, how do you protect against that?  Keep them honest by owning gold and silver which have a 5,000 + year history of being “real” money!  Don’t own paper gold, own the real thing and take possession of it.  Gold and silver keep bankers honest because gold and silver expose the fraud of the paper currency.  Show the bankers who is boss!

8 minute inflation tutorial

– Pen

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