Cut Off Your Thumb!


Chills down your spine?  Not for the spineless!  The following link exposes what the bankers and New World Order proponents have in mind for you.  India is the laboratory, but don’t think Americans will escape this hideous corruption.  Ask yourself, after watching this “Independent” media newscast, if this is the way you want to live.

The goal; have everyone’s biometric information in the form of thumb prints and retinal scans.  Have all cash eliminated.  Force all people to buy products and services digitally.  Make the economy/money “transparent” (transparent for whom)?

The threat: No privacy.  No freedom. No ability to protest without losing your wealth and ability to buy necessities of life.

Possible negative ramifications beyond that: Robbers – “Put your thumb here and buy me this or that, or don’t cooperate, and I’ll cut off your thumb, and use it anyway!”  The banker; “Oh Mr. banking customer, we can’t find your digital currency anywhere; I’m so sorry, you won’t be able to do business until we find it.”  The politician; “Cut that guy’s account off – he’s making me look bad and stopping my agenda.”  The hacker: “Hey, this is easy, all I have to do is push this button, and I can transfer 10,000 digital dollars from this guy’s Bank of America account into my account, and spend it before he ever knows it.”  The I.R.S; “This guy’s got way too much money; we’ll tax his digital account another 20%.”  Law enforcement; “This money looks like it is illegally gotten – confiscate it!”  Department of Homeland Security; “This guy looks like a terrorist – shut his account down.”  Medicare and Medicaid; “This guy is too old, or at least the treatment is too expensive – cut him off!”

U.S. meddling in India & cashless society exposed – you’re next!


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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