Do You Know Who America’s & Your Enemy Is?


The evidence is voluminous, and easy to obtain, so let’s dispense with providing proofs in this post.  Do your homework if you doubt the veracity of the following, then investigate before you castigate.

Your, and America’s enemy is the worldwide central banking cartel with a monopoly on the issuance of nation’s currencies.  As the saying goes; “Money makes the world go round.”  Imagine how powerful you’d be if you could provide lawmakers and heads of state all the money they need to rule how they want?  Know well; with that power, the nation’s leaders are absolutely beholden to the bankers and will not so much as make a peep against them because the bankers keep them in power.  Does it make you curious why 97% of all U.S. Congressmen get reelected when the public’s approval rating for Congress is only 7%?   Reconcile that!  You know they only want corrupt people they can manipulate to rule over you.

How are you going to handle the situation?  How are you going to eliminate the enemy?  We’re only talking about a couple of dozen people who wield this inordinate power over us.  They are a bunch of physically, spiritually, morally corrupt, inept and feeble bunch of scum who don’t deserve your sympathy, but instead deserve your judgement and your wrath.

Oh, but Christians will say “Judge not lest ye be judged.”  Well go a couple of verses further in Matthew 5, and you’ll see where it says; “…. first, remove the beam from your eye. then you can remove the spec from your brother’s eye.”  Sounds like it’s o.k. to judge, as long as you clean up your own act before you try to clean up someone else’s.  Out of context Scripture quotes shouldn’t deceive you!

The following people must be charged, tried, convicted and executed for treason against the world:  All Rothschilds and Rockefellers in banking as well as George Soros.  These people are a major source of civil strife, war, poverty, oppression, tyranny and evil in general!

–  Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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